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Sub Machine Guns
CZ-61 (7.65mm)
M12 (9mm)
Mac 11/9 (9mm)
Micro-Uzi (9mm)
MP5/10A2 (10mm)
MP5A4 (9mm)
MP5K PDW (9mm)
MP5SD5 (9mm)
MTAR-21 (9mm)
P90 (5.7mm)
SR-2 (9mm)
TMP (9mm)
UMP (.45cal)
Uzi (9mm)
M1 (12g)
SPAS-12 (12g)
USAS-12 (12g)
Assault Rifles
AK-47 (7.62mm)
AK-74 (5.45mm)
AUG (5.56mm)
FAL (7.62mm)
FAMAS G2 (5.56mm)
FNC (5.56mm)
G36K (5.56mm)
G3A3 (7.62mm)
Galil ARM (5.56mm)
L85A1 (5.56mm)
M14 (7.62mm)
M16A2 (5,56mm)
M4 (5.56mm)
M82 (5.56mm)
TAR-21 (5.56mm)
Type 97 (5.56mm)
Light Maschine Guns
21E (7.62mm)
23E (5,56mm)
M249 (5.56mm)
M60E4 (7.62mm)
RPD (7.62mm)
Sniper Guns
AW Covert (7.62mm)
Dragunov (7.62mm)
M82A1 (Kal .50)
PSG-1 (7,62mm)
SSG-3000 (7.62mm)
VSS Vintorez (9mm)
WA-2000 (Kal .30)
Automatic Pistols
CZ-61 (7,65mm)
Mac 11/9 (9mm)
Micro-Uzi (9mm)
SR-2 (9mm)
Primary Weapon Gadgets
High Capacity Magazine
Secondary Weapon Gadgets
High Capacity Magazine
Misc Gadgets
Breaching Charge
Claymore Mine
Demo Kit
Electronics Kit
False Heartbeat Puck
Heartbeat Sensor
Heartbeat Sensor Jammer
SA HB Sensor Jammer
Lock Pick Kit
Remote Charge
Smoke Grenade
Secondary Mags
Primary Mags


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