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 Server Informations           Server Time: 22:40:57 3/7/2021
 IP Adress:
 Current Map:  RF_Skyscraper
 Game Type:  Terrorist Hunt (Coop)
 Version:  PATCH 1.60 (build 412)
 Players:  2/8
 Rounds:  1 Rounds/Map (10:00 m:s/Round)
 Password:  No
 Punkbuster:  No >>> Join this Server <<<
 Custom Game:  RavenShield Administration
 Current Round:  19 Show Restriction Kit
 Remaining Time:  Wait for Start:10 s Show Ban List
 Server Settings Hide 
 Difficulty Level:  Veteran
 Spam Threshold:  5.00  Chat Lock Duration:  15.00  Vote Bc Max Freq.:  15.00
 First Person Camera:  On  3rd Person Camera:  On  Free 3rd Person Cam.:  On
 Ghost Camera:  On  No Death Camera:  Off  Team Only Camera:  Off
 Force FPW:  Off  Friendly Fire:  On  Bomb Timer:  45 s
 Autoteam:  On  Radar:  On  Time between Rounds:  15 s
 TK-Penalty:  Off  Team-Names:  On  Terrorist Count:  40
 Rotate Map on Success:  On  AI-Backup:  Off  Dedicated Server:  Yes
Messenger: Yes
Welcome to OBSOLETE SUPERSTARS!! Visit us @ obsoletesuperstars.com
STAY SAFE ! Wear A Mask!! Wash Your Hands! Keep 6' Away! Play RvS!!!
Last person Run-N-Gun! Run to the Tangos! No leaning no crouching! Zulu Go Go!!
 Player Informations
Player Name UBI Killed by K D ToSvr RP Ping G
  Pops      7 1 0:00:00 0 47
  SuperfluousMan      6 1 0:00:00 0 31
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