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Post by MrsOni » Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:38 pm

[Update: 12th February 2017]
"Black Tears - Heaven Shall Burn"

0 How to use the search function
Push "STRG" & "F" on your keyboard (german version).
Or use the search function right above "Search this topic".

1 RavenShield RainbowSix
1.1 Server address
1.2 How to join
1.3 Commands & Voting
  • 1.3.1 How to open your console
    1.3.2 Commands
    • Player commands
      Admin commands
      N4Admin panel

    1.3.3 Server crashed after roundrestart
    1.3.4 Pausing the game

1.4 Error messages
1.5 Lag issues
  • 1.5.1 Computer performance
    1.5.2 Game cache
    1.5.3 Internet connection
    1.5.4 Ping Problems

1.6 Maplists
  • 1.6.1 Available maplists
    1.6.2 All installed maps
    1.6.3 Maps causing errors
    1.6.4 Map improvements
    1.6.5 Map Report Center - fixing "broken" maps

1.7 Mapping & Map Makers
  • 1.7.1 RvS map maker
    1.7.2 Starting a project
    1.7.3 Basics for the server
    1.7.4 Compressing files
    1.7.5 Map file information
    1.7.6 Our RvS map files (download link)

1.8 Mods
  • 1.8.1 Rainbow Hunt
    1.8.2 Santa Hats

2 RvS Clans
2.1 RvS clan collection
2.2 RvS IP collection

3 Resolving Misunderstandings
3.1 Kicks & Bans
3.2 Behaviour
3.3 Gamestyle
3.4 Team-killing (TK)
3.5 Fast Trigger
3.6 Mentioning & expectations
3.7 Imposters

4 TeamSpeak
4.1 TS address
4.2 Password
4.3 No sound, no voice?
4.4 More adjustments

5 Website
5.1 Registration as a forum member
5.2 Donations
5.3 Admin Code of Conduct
5.4 OS Basics
  • Annual Fundraiser
    Spectators & Pausing
    OS becoming a clan

6 Microsoft Windows
6.1 Win7 & RvS
6.2 Win10 & RvS
6.3 Tech Questions

1 RavenShield RainbowSix

1.1 Server (IP) address

1.2 How to join
A) Join by LAN/ IP
  • #1 Start your game.
    #2 Click on "Join by IP"
    #3 Enter our IP address

1.3 Commands & Voting
1.3.1 How to open your console
A) Check your RvS keyboard options for your console key
B) Type your command, e.g:
1.3.2 Commands
A) Player commands:...
  • ~ name [new_name] - Changes your multiplayer name to “New Name”

    ~ say [message] - Sends “Message” to everyone in the game

    ~ teamsay [message] - Sends “Message” to everyone in your team

    ~ quit - Exits the game

    ~ fps - display Frames Per Second

    ~ hideweapon - hides the first person weapons

    ~ showweapon - shows the first person weapon

    ~ shot - takes a screenshot and saves in system directory

    ~ playerlist - Lists all players and their ID#s in the console

    ~ votekick [player_name] - Begins a one minute voting process to kick a player off the server. Players can vote once during the voting period by pressing the Toggle Vote Window key (F3). Each time a player votes a message appears in the chat display area: "[player_name] votes [response] to kick out [player_name]". If over 50% of the players vote yes the player is automatically kicked out and all players receive the following message: "Vote passed! [player_name] kicked off server". Once 50% of the players vote no the vote cannot pass and all players receive the following message: "Vote failed! [player_name] can stay and play". Each player can only call a votekick once every five minutes.

    ~ votekickid [player_id] - Same as votekick command but uses the players id#, which can be obtained using the playerlist command, the instead of name

    ~ vote [1,2] - Once someone starts a vote you can vote either using the F3 voting window or by entering this command. (1 = Yes, 2 = No)

    ~ maplist - Lists all maps and their ID#s in the console

    ~ suicide – Kills your character instantly

    ~ adminlogin [admin_password] - Allow you to enter that administrator password to gain access to administrator only commands
B) Administrator Only Commands:...
  • To have access to these commands you must either be the server or enter the correct administrator password using the adminlogin command.
    Administrators can ban/lock out troublesome players from their servers by
    entering one of the following commands in the console:
    ~ ban [player_name]
    ~ banid [player_id#]

    When a host bans a player, the ubi.com id number of the banned player appears the
    player banlist.ini. This player may no longer join the server anymore. To unban a
    player the host needs to delete the appropriate player number. To find out your
    ubi.com id use the command myid in the console. This id number is also be listed
    in the banlist.ini.ini file.
    Bad A**es - current ban list

    ~ kick [player_name] - Kicks the player off server and displays the following message to all players: "[player_name] was kicked off the server by [admin_name]"

    ~ kickid [player_id#] - Same as kick command but uses the players id#, which can be obtained using the playerlist command, the instead of name

    ~ loadserver [filename.ini] - Load a server setup from the specified filename in the Save directory

    ~ map [map_id#] [explanation_text] - Ends the current round immediately, changes the server to the designated map, and displays the following message to all players: "[admin_name] ends the round and changes the map to [map_name]: [explanation_text]"

    ~ restartmatch [explanation_text] - Ends the current round, resets all statistics to zero, and displays the following message to all players: "[admin_name] restarts the match: [explanation_text]"

    ~ restartround [explanation_text] - Restarts the current game-round, resets all statistics to what they were at the beginning of the round, and displays the following message to all players: "[admin_name] restarts the round: [explanation_text]"
C) N4Admin panel:

N4Admin menu:
Once you want to perfom a command on here, click on the desired option & confirm it on the very top right below “FeedbackBox”. It should say the following on top of the site e.g: >>>Confirm Restartround!<<<

1.3.3 Server crashed after roundrestart
A) Various admins were restarting the round. Server should restart itself, which takes a couple of minutes.

B) Advice!
When various admins are online, we should determine who's restarting if necessary.

1.3.4 Pausing the game
A) In-game
While the game waits to start the round, you can click on either the “server settings” or “gear” symbol. Meanwhile you can’t change your own gear.
Have you paused the game with the “gear” symbol you can turn on & off certain gear by either clicking on each point or with the option “choose all”.

B) Via N4Admin panel

A) Open your console or chat (check game options for key)
B) Vote Options
  • VoteKick Playername
C) Open your console or chat & type
  • vote 1 (for "Yes")
    vote 2 (for "No")
D) Or push F3 & choose
  • 1 (for "Yes")
    2 (for "No")

1.4 Error messages
1.4.1 CD key verification
"Game server could not receive authorization from CD key server" / "Der Spielserver konnte Sie nicht gegenüber dem CDKey-Server authentifizieren" - Clueless. Make more love.

1.4.2 Server doesnt respond
  • A) The in-game maplist switched from map A to map B. Retry to join the game.

    B) The server crashed or is offline which is visible here: Server status .
    Please leave a message on our "Shoutbox" which you'll find on the front site of our website. An admin will restart the server once an admin is available - Remember we do have a life offline.

    C) The admin isn't able to restart the server. Contact E.Estrada & MrsOni via forum PM and if necessary (cos you are an RvS addict) via Shoutbox.

    D) Server still doesn't respond. Our mighty man E.Estrada needs to be contacted to deal with "OUR HOST".

    E) Not OUR HOST's fault? UBI is offline, probably working on their game servers.
1.4.3 User ID in use
  • A) Quit your game & restart it. Retry to join a game server.

    B) Your house/ room mates are downloading 'stuff', go bribe them with cookies to stop whatever they're doing online. You should be able to join the game now.

    C) Your flatmate & you want to play RvS. Advice: try to join the game at the same time.
1.4.4 User ID not registered
Interrupt your UBI log in & repeat your log in details correctly.

1.4.5 No error message at all
Clueless. Go, make love.

1.5 Lag issues
1.5.1 Computer performance
A) Your computer is an old machine & struggling with...
- big maps
- blown barrels (mostly on big maps) - Advice: do not shot them & ask your teammates to avoid it as well

B) Reduce your in-game performance
  • ..Options/Graphic...
    screen: whatever your screen settings are
    texture details: middle
    light details: high
    RAINBOW details: middle
    hostage details: low
    terrorist details: middle
    RAINBOW shadow details: low
    hostage shadow details: none
    terrorist shadow details: none
    blood level: low
    Traces: middle
    Animated geometry: no checkmark
    corpses: yes, set a checkmark
    low details for smoke grenades: yes, set a checkmark
1.5.2 Game cache
Empty your game cache.
Type into your console (in-game):
  • flush cache
1.5.3 Internet connection
  • A) Check if your down-/ uploading or streaming things. Interrupt the process.

    B) Your operating system/ anti-virus-program is updating itself. Wait till its done. Do NOT interrupt the update, unless you know what you are doing.

    C) Your internet connection is simply too slow. Contact your internet provider - good luck :lol:
1.5.4 Ping problems
Ping Problems

1.6 Maplists
"If everyone cared..."

1.6.1 Currently available maplists
  • A) Our maplists are themed
    B) Our Available Maplists
    C) New maplist? SHOUT (shoutbox) the title
    D) Sometimes admins ask, whether you want to switch to another maplist
    E) Remaining silent, is still silence!
    F) Using your voice (TS)/ in-game chat works miracles ...^.^...
    G) Regular checks advised. Oni updates our current maplists.
1.6.2 All installed maps
OS maps: OS maps

Other maps: ...:: Available Maps & Downloads ::...

1.6.3 Maps causing errors
Map report center

1.6.4 Map improvements
"Everything I wanna do..."
  • A) I enjoy & love new map creations
    B) I appreciate any map improvement
    C) Be friendly! :ugeek: :geek: :ugeek:
    D) Create a "post", when you've got improvements for our map makers.
    E) Improvements need time
    F) Improved maps need to be compressed, again
    G) Improved maps need to be uploaded, again
1.6.5 Map Report Center - Fixing "broken" maps
  • A) HeavyMetal & SpecOps offered their assistance. Thank you very much!
    B) Downloading & checking files - consumes time!

1.7 Mapping & Map Makers
1.7.1 RvS map makers
You are welcome to contact the following people & ask for support or simply to start a project.
  • Fodder
    Psycho - ShadowSquadHQ.com
1.7.2 Starting a project with various creators
  • A) Create a topic
    B) Update your posts in the topic, e.g. remove old links
    C) Delete old links for your maps. Or contact me, MrsOni.
1.7.3 Basics for the server
  • A) Keep your map file names simple, cos there's already a bunch of maps on the market.
    For example: OnisMap.utx, OnisMap.tpt, OnisMap.rsm, OnisMap.ini, etc.
    B) Compress your files
1.7.4 Compressing files
...:: Map editing infos ::...

1.7.5 Map file information
Folder...File type
maps... ini, rsm & tga
sounds... uax & SB0
staticmeshes... usx
system... int
template... tpt
textures... utx
1.7.6 Our RvS map files
  • A) Eric gave you the address to download all installed map files from Eric'saGeek
    B) Important: Delete all MGS files!
    C) The MGS map creators gave only me the permission to install & use their maps on our OS server.
    D) If you deny & I'll find out, I'll ban you instantly. No unban ... you had your warning right above.
    E) Warning: Too many installed custom maps (?1-2GB?) might cause in-game issues. A couple of friends had this problem. Not even sure, that this might be an issue on Win7, 8 & 10.

1.8 Mods
1.8.1 Rainbow Hunt
A) Regular terrorist hunting
B) Added: terrorists will hunt one of us players, who'll be choosen & named every round
C) In addition: the choosen team-target has to stay alive, until all terrorists are killed ...^.^...
If the team-target dies, the mission ends.
This mod can only be turned on & off when you change the settings in the "RavenShield.mod" file on the FTP server!

Envisaged & tested maplists are:... Available Maplists

1.8.2 Santa Hats
A) Adds Santa hats in green & red to every Rainbow :mrgreen:
B) Turned on & off while the server's shut down.

2 RavenShield Clans

2.1 RvS clan collection
Shadowsquad - (SS)
#Clan leader: Psycho
#Main language: english
#RvS IP: -/-
#Ventrillo IP: -/-

SFPD - [Offers adversarial competitions]
#Clan leader: unknown
#Main language: french
#RvS IP:
#RvS password: leo
#Teamspeak IP: ts.land-of-craft.fr

#Clan leader: The.SrgtCarl
#Co leader:
- The.SrgtThunder
- The.SrgtSiffleu
#Main language: english, but they've got a few german speaking members
#Rvs IP:
#Ventrillo IP:

2.2 RvS IP collection
RvS IP collection

3 Resolving Misunderstandings
Oni's box of cookies about our RvS server
by MrsOni » Thu Feb 12, 2015 5:21 pm
Nagging only gets you furious. So do something to solve the situation! - Oni
"Give in to me - Three Days Grace", "Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai" & "Nothing but love - Axwell"

Most reasons concerning kicks are mentioned & explained here. To consolidate kicks because of misunderstandings, I increased this topic.
You might agree or retrace someone's actions, admin or player.
If you've got a point to complete "misunderstandings", please contact me.

By now, you should know, I enjoy playing RvS.
A little joking & some challenging battles - all with a smile & much laughter.
But, don't believe, you can disrespect anyone or me.
Don't ever dare me to treat you differently because we're friends (in real or online).
Since I'll kick your balls to the moon & back, if necessary. No joking. < is a very passionate RPG-gamer, if you get the hint,
HeavyMetal wrote:by HeavyMetal » Fri Feb 13, 2015 6:42 pm
TY for all your hard work Oni! Glad you have that love for RVS :) Same here :D BTW I love RPG's also, and am even in the process of making one :) via the RPG Maker VX ACE Huggs Heavy :D
3.1 Kicks & Bans
3.1.1 Kicks
  • A) you're the TK-Master/ -Mistress
    B) you're the intolerance in person (racism/ discrimination)
    C) annoyed a teammate (you might think it's fun, but that's just you behind that screen in the dark)
    D) tried to advise an admin on how to run the server
    E) annoyed an admin (see above)
    F) full server, an admin took your in-game spot
    G) you were crawling around - game bug. NO, not going to be fixed.
3.1.2 Bans
Got banned?
In 90,0009% we know what we do & your ban has a good reason.

Want a second chance?
  • A) Post in here: Please disband my ban
    B) Register in our forum & post your apology in "Please disband my ban".
    C) How to do it? Well, simply think about what has gone wrong & how you can convince us it wont happen again. If not, ask what's caused your ban.
    D) No insults
    E) A full sentence might help, instead of random words lined next to each other
    F) Apologies work wonders
    G) Be patient, cos we like to think about it before we make a decision
3.1.3 Your game ID
We need your ID to un-ban you, which can be found in:
"C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\the folder where RVS is\RavenShield\system\RavenShield.ini"

Open that file with the text-editor & you'll find a string that says something like:

3.2 Behaviour
"If everyone cared..."
  • A) When you've got something to say, use friendly words
    B) You had a bad day?
    C) Happens.
    D) Mention it & say it wasn't personal
    E) Yes, I play RPGs, but I still can't read your mind!
    F) We 've got TeamSpeak for reason - use it, cos Oni does listen!
    G) Happy gaming!

3.3 Gamestyle
"Nothing else matters..."
  • A) No.1 likes to rush
    B) No.2 likes to be careful
    C) No.3 wants to use flashbangs
    D) And yes, we're all a team!
    E) Happy nadding, once or twice funny. But keeping it randomly, quite annoying.
    F) Guess why.
    G) Keep thinking!
    H) You may use your pistol, primary weapon, frags, flashbangs or even switch while being last man - aslong as you run.
    I) A running last man, is a running last man. ...-.-'... So stop the ZULU!

3.4 Team-killing (TK)
"When we stand together..."
  • A) No TK rule
    B) Immediate apologies work wonders & moreover prevent misunderstandings
    C) No reaction? Ask if the player noticed it.
    D) On purpose? If an admin is around, draw the admins attention to it
    E) Take a screenshot
    F) If no admin is around, SHOUT & create a "post" here in our "Forum".
    G) Try to get the players ubiname OS Live
    H) NO vigilantism! Not even when we play "adver"!
More Misunderstandings:...
3.5 Fast Trigger (...Kick it! Smash it, ban it! - Crzyf!re... )
3.5.1 Quote 01 - 07

3.6 Mentioning & expectations (...:: For you Gadsden/ Misunderstandings ::...)
3.6.1 Quote 08

3.7 Imposters
3.7.1 Notify an admin
3.7.2 No-Go!


3.5 Fast Trigger (...Kick it! Smash it, ban it! - Crzyf!re... )
MrsOni wrote:...Kick it! Smash it, ban it! - Crzyf!re...by MrsOni » Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:47 pm
Moin Moin sweeties,

pardon me, but I can't help myself.
Why do we kick players?

1) The server is full & an admin wants to play.
2) You've been AFK (away from keyboard) for quite some time.
3) You were so incredible 'lovely' (e.g.: "DIE TEAMMATE DIEEE") with your teammates, that we couldn't help ourselves than kicking you out of our team.
4) We are humans & make mistakes, yes it happens. Incredible, eh ;-)

We do are sometimes pretty lazy & wont inform the kicked player that we needed its spot for another admin. Yeah, not nice but it happens.
Don't take this too serious, Oni's in a pretty funny mood & I'm considering to delete this post - LMAO. Pardon me :)
Aye, let's have some fun & catch some terrorists!
Oni ...^.^...
CrzyF!re. wrote:by CrzyF!re. » Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:47 pm
Hi, im Crzyf!re. i apologize for that message it was the wrong place to do so and you are right.
i am a bit annoyed because i was kicked from your server OBSOLETESUPERSTARS.COM , being accused of Scripting.
i have played this game for 10 years, and to this day have not a clue what that is. the admin who initiated the kick's reasoning was because i could shoot very fast... in single shot. i know many people can do what i do. and over the years i have been able to shoot like that and i have been banned from servers because of it. i understand that, but dont you think that i i did "hack: or script i would have stopped at some point. but instead i have kept a consistant game play throughout my years. i do not believe that your admin was being fair in anyway, and i also suggested that i culd make a video of me shooting so he can see for himself that i am just siomply using an old logitech Mx 518 mouse and my finger! i have had a perfect record wiht you folks over the years and would hate for that respect to go away because of some silly hunch by your admin.
Thank you.
TwingO wrote:by TwingO » Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:54 pm
Moin Oni, auf die schnelle werde ich jetzt mal in deutsch antworten. Besagter Herr meint er sei ungerecht behandelt worden!? Ok, ich sag dazu nur das besagter Herr 20 Schuss Einzelfeuer in sagenhaften 2 max 3 Sekunden abgibt. Am Ende der Runde, die er natürlich mit sagenhaften 40+ kills beendet hat, schrieb ich nur "nice script". Beim Start der folgenden Runde fühlte sich natürlich ausgerechnet dieser Herr angesprochen und antwortete. An 6 Spielern ist meine bissige Bemerkung vorrüber gezogen, komisch. Ein Wort gab das andere etc blabla und ich habe ihn kurzzeitig (kick not ban) entsorgt. Ich spiele lange genug um einschätzen zu können was ein "schneller Finger" ist. Ich brauch mir keinen erzählen zu lassen. Naja kannst ja schauen ob es sich lohnt das ganze zu übersetzen. Für mich ist das Thema nach seinem Post in der Shotbox eh durch.
CrzyF!re. wrote:by CrzyF!re. » Fri Dec 27, 2013 8:02 pm
of course i presumed you talked to me, becuase you said it right when i died. and the matter of fact here sir, is that you kicked me for an invalid reason... ive never seen you online before and i have played many many times on OS servers. ive played with many of your admins, especially POPs and he has never said a thing about it. so i am here wondering why you are making such a big deal out of this.
MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:46 pm
Moin Moin ...^.^...!

*...know something good is coming...*sings*

First of all, I agree with both of you, TwingO & CrazyFire.
CrazyFire says he's just using his regular computer mouse and one hand.
TwingO says unbelievable - can't be.

Mind if I give a quick example since I can relate? This propably explains why I don't kick players for being "fast".
A friend of mine is f***ing quick with using his mouse. He aint using cheats, hacks, scripts, etc. Been there when he got kicked or once banned. Argued with people that's just him. A misunderstanding. Most people didn't believe it, said he must be using something. Yes, this reaction time & speed aint usual. If I wouldn't know him, I would have my doubts about him. And yes, I killed him a couple of times while playing adver - not impossible ...^.^...
But to be honest, he would still make everyone I 've met online look like beginners. An exception which got me thinking twice when someone is "fast".

So well CrazyFire, hard to tell from our perspective ...^.^...
but since it's not adver, I don't mind - am not implying you do use, nope.

CrzyF!re. wrote:by CrzyF!re. » Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:20 am
Thank you very much Oni, i will try and keep the peace next time. and TwingO . i apologize.. i hope some day we may just play side by side in peace.
MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:15 pm
TwingO's response in english:

Moin Oni, a quick response in german. Aforesaid Mister thinks he wasn't fairly treated!? OK, I only say, that aforesaid Mr. shot 20 single shots in incredible 2 max. 3 seconds. At the end of the round, which he finished with 40+ kills, I only wrote "nice script". Naturally he of all people felt involved & answered at the beginning of the following round. 6 players ignored my scathing comment, funny. One word led to another, etc. blabla & I got quickly rid of him (kick, not ban). I'm playing long enough in order to assess what a "quick finger" is. I don't need anyone to fool me. Anyway, not sure if it's worth to be translated. After his post in the shoutbox is the issue done for me.

3.6 Mentioning & expectations (...:: For you Gadsden/ Misunderstandings ::...)
MrsOni wrote:...:: For you Gadsden/ Misunderstandings ::...by MrsOni » Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:17 am

Moin Moin Gadsden (& those who were wondering why been kicked due to a mentioning in-game),

since it seems you missed my response to your question,
for you & have some lovely holidays!
Moin Moin Gadsden!

First of all, Rommel's enemy Mr. George S. Patton is barely known (if mentioned) during our german education (might 've changed by now).
The main educational focus concentrates & discusses other events & persons before, during & after Hitler's time.
War strategies are probably mentioned when you joined the german army,
or when you're into the whole theme.

My interests are different, than war strategies.

If you mention someone who was or is part of such a cruel system,
no matter how smart,
you should have &/ or make room to discuss or exchange your knowledge.
It's helpful when you separately mention,
that you disagree with the system e.g. Rommel supported & was active in.
Your comment "Rommel was a genius" during the gameplay was a great plattform for misunderstandings,
which were the cause for your kick.

Otherwise admins are also human beings with days of less patience & that's when we simply react to what 's been given us.

Have a nice Sunday!

3.7 Imposters posing/ pretending
Action from an imposter:...
I Suck At Making Maps & Jig Is A Dumb Bitch!
- Spec @ 08:52 am 2015.04.04
Reaction from an imposter:...
This is my Sausage . There are many like it, but this one is mine...... My Sausage is my best friend. It is my life......I must master it as I must master my life. My Sausage , without me, my Sausage is useless. Without my Sausage , I am useless. I must fire my Sausage true
- pic of jigglypuff @ 09:04 am 2015.04.04
Reaction from Jiggle:...
Fake poster below.
- pic of jigglypuff @ 10:20 am 2015.04.04
3.7.1 Notify an admin
If you realize someone played with your username/ posted something on the Forum/ Shoutbox,
send a PM to the following admins. We'll take care of the issue.:
  • E.Estrada
3.7.2 No-Go!
  • A) Abstain from reacting as an imposter as well
    B) If you're insecure about the player/person who insulted you, ask (the admins mentioned above)!
    C) If you do fake a post or pretend to join the server as another player, I'll ban you!
    Other admins might be more friendly & patient, but you had your warning here.
    I don't care cos you were too lazy to use your brain & simply ask.
    I don't tolerate insults when it's unclear, if it was a joke or serious.

4 TeamSpeak

4.1 TeamSpeak address

4.2 Password

4.3 No sound? No voice?
4.3.1 Adjustments/ Settings
  • A) Sound

    Sound modus: automatic
    Sound device/ hardware: Choose which speakers you are using. E.g.: Headset XY

    B) Voice

    Recording modus: automatic
    Recording device/ hardware: Pick the microphone you are using.

4.3.2 Do the TeamSpeak test:
  • A) Sound
    ..Settings/Options/Sound (speaker symbol)
    Click the button "Test" on the right, below your sound adjustments.

    B) Voice
    ..Settings/Options/Recording (microphone symbol)
    Click the button "Test" on the right, below voice activation

4.3.3 More TS adjustments
A) Downloads (..Settings/Options/..)
  • Download directory:...
    Choose a directory where files should be saved. E.g.: "C:\Users\Username\Downloads"

    Choose whether you want a second window to pop up when a download starts or not

    Upload & Download:...
    When you own a highspeed internet connection let the settings how they are "unlimited".
    When you aren't sure, limit the up- & download to 5KiB/s.

    Multiple Up- & Downloads:...
    Same rule as above, limit the number to "1".

B) Security details
  • Passwords:...
    NEVER save passwords on your TeamSpeak or internet browser, unless you know what you are doing!

    Clean up/ Clear up:...
    Set a checkmark for "Empty Cache when I quit" & "Delete URLs when I quit"

C) Chat
  • Automatically log:...
    Remove all checkmarks from all 3 options.

    Update protocols:...
    Remove all checkmarks aswell.

D) Whisper
  • Rights for incoming whispers:...

    Settings for whispers:...
    Set a checkmark for "Play sound, ...", unless you turned whispers off, then set no checkmarks at all.

    • How to create a whisper key...
      Click "New". That's how you set a key for the whisper option.
      Click on your choosen "key" & you'll see a menu on the right side.
      Go to "All" and choose "contacts". Click on "contacts". You should see a list with all TS users you have met in the past (on this TS version). Choose the person or persons you want to whisper to.
      How do you do it? Double click on the person's name. Now you should see the name with a lovely red dot in the middle window of your menu. Click on "save/ use".

5 Website

5.1 Registration as a forum member
5.1.1 Check it…
1. Your given E-Mail address is correct?
  • 1.1 Checked your SPAM-filter?
    1.2 You have not used your entered E-Mail address for another account on this website?
    1.2.1 Shall we delete your old forum account? Requests in the shoutbox, please. Further instructions will be given then.
2. Your answers to the questions are correct?
  • 2.1 Highest number: Only correct answers will allow you to register.
    2.2 Are you human: Only "yes" will allow you to register.
3. Have you been banned from our website in the past?

5.1.2 Voilá
Once you have checked every point above, you surely will be registered correctly ...^.^...

5.2 Donations
Annual Fundraiser

5.3 Admin Code of Conduct
Admin Code of Conduct

5.4 OS Basics
Following information are listed in "OS Basics":...
A) Zulu
B) Spectators & Pausing
C) Between round time
D) OS becoming a clan
E) Click it: OS Basics

6 Microsoft Windows

6.1 Win7 & RvS
Win7 & RvS CD error

6.2 Win10 & RvS
Windows 10 & RvS

6.3 Tech Questions
Tech Questions
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Re: ...:: Help Guide ::...

Post by Speedy(AUT) » Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:27 am

For those that had the latest window update (09.09.2015) and cant get into game delete the update KB3086255. Then you will kick ass again ;)

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Re: ...:: Help Guide ::...

Post by badtwobone » Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:50 pm

reloaded game now I cant get in game tried ip address on forms say incapatable version bones

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Re: ...:: Help Guide ::...

Post by MrJigglyPuff » Sun Sep 13, 2015 7:33 am

after installing, did you run the 1.6 patch?
from my cd i remember it's only 1.0 you have to update it to 1.6

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