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RVSgaming.com info

Post by ankhneter » Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:31 am

As you all or most know, rvsgaming is now defunct. :(

But there are efforts underway to revive the site as can be seen here on the SASclan forums.
http://www.sasclan.org/modules.php?name ... 001#115001

They have set up a webspace and we are just waiting for autoload to upload the database backup that was taken just before the site's host expired. There may be some issues with the domain name once the files are there as no one has heard from Gotti in some time, and he would have to have the domain name to point to the new host. If that doesn't happen, then the site will have a different domain name instead of rvsgaming. I will keep every updated here as progress is made.

All of this is great news and I know I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this comes to fruition.

Ankh Neter

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