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...:: Complaints?! ::...

Post by Zo6_Bitch » Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:21 pm

MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:14 pm

As sweet as sugar..., but feel free to post your complaints in here...

Complaint Box by Warrioronlydude (deviantArt)

Admin kicking without warning

I just wanted to know if you guys have a spectator time limit. I was kicked twice the other night while i was afk. Once the server was full, so i kind of understand that one, and once there was an open slot so there was no need to be kicked out. There was no warning and the admin did not request that someone leave to make room, which in my opinion is the courteous way to go about it.

Eric do you have any rules of conduct for your watchdogs regarding booting players for spectating or to make room for other players?

I would like to know that if ive been on the server for awhile that i can go afk for a bit and not need to worry about losing my spot. Not a big deal really, but a few people have complained about it including an admin here.

Btw, i was the only regular every day player on the server except for maybe one, when i was kicked. Odd.
E.Estrada wrote:by E.Estrada » Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:07 am
The standing rule is no spectating on a full server, although if you ask and I'm there I definitely don't mind if you spec for a bit. As far as the admin kick when the server was not full I don't know what happened there. It is not something I would do or condone. See ya soon.
Saklez wrote:by Saklez » Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:19 pm
Same rules apply for the shadow server as they would on the OS server. We hardly kick anyone reason being, its nice to finally see people in our server. I am only posting this so i can slowly catch up in the forums leader standings for posts.....lol Eric is way in the lead and my only hope is he forgets to pay his internet bill for a few weeks so i can catch up.....lmao

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Treatment on RVS server

Post by AspectComputing » Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:40 pm

Treatment on RVS server

I was on RVS server today with jiggles... havent played with him much but was having a bad day and he had made some smart ass remarks earlier so I took a break and did some other things and came back later. When I came back we were on the TURN map and I was doing ok untill I had some tks with nades. 3 in a row during 3 different times. I apologized each time and the last TK I made was jiggles... so after I apologize he said " IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN" ... now that wasn't very sportsman like to me and so I told him was an accident, and asked him wtf he meant by that comment? he said 1 time is an accident not 3.

I told him |"well i guess you never had a tk before" and his replay is "not 3" so OK, he now tells me I suk ass ( all caps ). My reply could have been better as I told him maybe one day I would be a perfect asshole like him and get no TK's... I left as he was in the proccs of kicking me.

You know... I don't know this guy, he doesn't know me, and the way this came off he intimated I was lying about it being an accident, this is why I spouted off the way I did , which granted is no excuse for my conduct but even less then of his since he was host at that time.

I have been playing at this server a long time now. Quite a few of you know me. i always try to be a good sport and treat people with respect and this guy basicly called me a liar and tells me I suk ass. I guess he never had a bad game day... I don't know, what I do know is this. I won't be treated that way Its uncalled for, not sportsman like and rude. I come to your server and started playing there BECAUSE of the way OS has conducted itself. Always OS players have been respectfull and nice until today that is.

other players on at the time you will know...

and others

Don't worry about banning me, I have banned myself.

Chris Lemke
MrJigglyPuff wrote:by MrJigglyPuff » Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:40 am

Ok First... if you have a BAD day... dont take it out on the players.
Second, yes you did TK 3X in a row, but hey were all Noob throws.
The fact that you did it 3X in a row was bad enough, but you went straight to being an ASS with your comments.
The comment "you wont do it again" was because I turned off nades (I guess you missed that part huh?), as you continued to post like an ASS.
The fact that you TK'ed with nades 3X didnt get you kicked, it was your attitude. Period.
As you can plainly see by the Screenshot.
You ASSUMED I had called you a lier. I never did. And while we've all have BAD days, I never given my host crap because my temper got the best of me.
And I do know you play alot on the server, I've seen you in many, many times, hence why I took off nades,(again I guess you missed that huh?) so there wouldnt be any more accidental nading.
Accidents happen yes, and after that many you should change your strategy so it doesnt affect others.

And as for the "self-imposed ban", bud that's your call. I hold no ill will toward you.
And remember, it was your attitude that got you kicked, and when you admit was already lousy, so dont ever feed it by going to someone's home and turing it loose.
And just because you were kicked doesnt mean you were banned. That's your call.
You're welcome at OS any time, I only ask you check any bad attitudes at the door.
Not to mention I was in TS the whole time, yet you didnt bother to come in to inquiry or ask why.
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AspectComputing wrote:by AspectComputing » Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:18 am

OK, I didnt take anything out on the players... I like the way you spin this ... very covenient.

I suppose you consider your conduct above reproach. The server notified about modifications to the kit setting it dioesn't give specifics in game. NOR DID YOU. Even in your screen shot here you can see I am asking WTF you meant by your comments and look again at your reply. Did you ever once say "because i took nades off"? No, instead what i hear from you is "you suk ASS". Yet you say it was MY ATTITUDE? By this time after the way you had been acting you bet my attituse sucked!
ny one would have an issue after being treatedlike that by you. You now post here that I should not take it out on players WTF do you call what you were doing to me with comments like that in CAPS on a lIVE SERVER?

Yea i like the spin you put on it here, very nice indeed. Not banned? well thats great...

I owned up to my part in this here, you cannot deny that. Be it as it may instead of owning up to your part you spin it and try to make me look as bad as possible while you look above board.

That is not exactly the way things were though. So again let me state I ammaking no excuses for my behaviour, i will even go ahead and apologize for my part even if you will not own up to yours. Those here who do know me know this is not a typical way things gowith me on a server but you have everyone think I came in being a jerk and taking it out on players, thats simply not true.

Real sporting of you "|bud"
MrJigglyPuff wrote:by MrJigglyPuff » Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:46 am

No Spin needed. As you can see, you dug your own hole. Yes nades was removed. Yes players knew they were off because EVERYONE switched to flashes.
The statement stands as: you suck ass with nades.... which by TK'ing 3X in a row with them is a VERY True Statement.
The server Always lets players know an admin has modified the setting. Again as seen by the screen shot. I cant help it if you failed to see it in a fit of rage.

You can try to "spin" your own "thing" here but the fact still remains, your bad attitude toward an Admin, got you kicked. No if's, no butts, no bones about it.
Not Banned, but kicked. Kicked is not Banned, know the difference.

fodder wrote:by fodder » Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:19 am

thanks for taking the time to join the forums and make a post with your thoughts and feelings regarding this issue.

have i had a bad game day = yes
have i tk'd people multiple times = yes
have i lost my temper and said things i regret = yes

now from what i read from the screen shot i see a very specific disregard to an admin

was it inappropriate of jig to say "U SUCK ASS with nades" = no

i think you can agree if you watched someone tk people 3 rounds in a row you would wonder why they keep doing the same thing over and over?
i know myself i would have probably kicked a noob player for being so selfish as to only care about his fun in throwing nades and disregarding how he affected his team mates by his play style.

if it was a player i knew and had played with for awhile i would harass them for being such a noob about it and tell them they are a NOOB.
if you were in team speak you guys would probably be laughing about it instead of taking it personal.

if a player called me an asshole and a fucking jerk would i ban them = yes

we have played together before and i have always enjoyed our gaming together.
i think your welcome in our server as long as your respectful to our admins and our rules.

you were having a bad play day and someone called you out on it, im sorry you didn't like his approach to it but i think i would of done the same
take some accountability for the situation and realize saying you suck at throwing nades was pretty self inflicted, and being sensitive about it or acting like it was disrespectful is not cause for your actions
and yes i did see and hear you loud and clear apologize for it and admin it was wrongful, but by trying to defend the "why" you did what you did in essance you are still trying to say it is justified because of how he treated you in the first place. when i think if you step back and look at it from his side of being the admin on duty, its his job to step in and intervene so "EVERYONE" gets to have a good time.

he is the admin of the server and its his job to keep in check the players who play here.
i stand by his decision and his judgment and don't have a problem with how he handled the situation.

i do hope you can take a deep breath and let this pass and join us for more fun, try and get on ts and you will probably see, that things are much different in communication then they are with text.

and if you knew jig, you would know he has just about as bad a skillz tossing nades as anyone ive seen. but he has a level head and is being very civil about replying to you and explaining his reasons and actions.

priest wrote:by priest » Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:47 pm

I LOVE THIS SHIT :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: WTHF os IS 4 the JIG, jig u did right ...99% of the time our adims our haveing fun with words .........if u think jigs a ASSHOLE GUESSu havent meet slayer :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: oooo surely dodnt know rosypalm fodder :o

AC were not a clan we dont rank most dont even play advers thus or we dis each other like i said welcome to os we kick players ban a few with good reasion,
hope see u soon

hiya sweetie
The_Baroness wrote:by The_Baroness » Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:08 pm

Hello there Priest!!

Sweetie I am :)

Well I have to agree with everyone. Jigs did what he is put on the server to do. Take care of other players. If you are causing trouble he will let you know. Don't let a little name calling get out of hand. It's silly to fight over this and it's silly to stop coming here because of such a small incident. We are all good players and we call things as we see fit. I'm sure everyone here can forget it all happened. Just try to throw them grenades a little better. That's all.
Slayer wrote:by Slayer » Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:44 pm
priest wrote:I LOVE THIS SHIT :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: WTHF os IS 4 the JIG, jig u did right ...99% of the time our adims our haveing fun with words .........if u think jigs a ASSHOLE GUESSu havent meet slayer :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: oooo surely dodnt know rosypalm fodder :o

AC were not a clan we dont rank most dont even play advers thus or we dis each other like i said welcome to os we kick players ban a few with good reasion,
hope see u soon

hiya sweetie
Ty my Love,
You will stay my b.i.t.c.h. Priest.

Lot of kisses
priest wrote:by priest » Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:37 pm

slayer wHATS UR PROBLEM Cant Understand Normal Thinking ,u qeer bait :o :o :o :lol:
fodder wrote:by fodder » Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:31 am

LMAO at priest

odds are that went right over slayers head.

you should have wrote it like

C ant
U nderstand
N ormal
T hinking

sorry slayer not picking on you just had to laugh at priests joke, and help out since i know a translator would not pick up on that for you.
Slayer wrote:by Slayer » Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:00 am
Fodder, thnx my google translator.... :D
Now I know what he ment :o
old school wrote:by old school » Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:25 pm

you are lucky it was jig that kicked you. if it was me you wouldnt have gotten a warning you woulda been booted the 3rd time that you naded someone. do we like being babysitters for adults? not really. but it is something apparently needed to keep people in line. i stand behind jig 100% on his response. sorry if that angers you but when i am having problems with tking others i go away for a while. hope you can get past this and come game again. old

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3 nades?

Post by Spider » Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:44 pm

3 nades?!

oh hi all
im just thinking if gameplay comes bs of too much nades in game ..
example of map md _trum nade the hell all and have if not most goes with as tangos ..
kinda trying to 3 nades is ok 12 is too many ..or too much fun cos i have been on spawn area for 1 or 2
before goining after the tangos .. it aint fun fun ..to wait just kinda get a somewhat pollicy to this if u can .. OS?
or be more online for see it ur self ..u know ..

anyway cheers to OS Admins, (huggy)
MrJigglyPuff wrote:by MrJigglyPuff » Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:01 am

Damn i thought it was 3 French Hens? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
:P Jig
The_Baroness wrote:by The_Baroness » Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:21 pm

LOL Jigs......You silly goose.

Well twelve grenades is definitely better than a hundred. Have you ever experienced that? Talk about extreme disappointment. Spam grenading sucks.
old school wrote:by old school » Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:25 pm

i am not a fan of nades or flash and have been known to remove them if overused :roll: ADMIN ABUSE! :lol:

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:: Message for Sgt.Eightball ::

Post by MrsOni » Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:34 am

:: Message for Sgt.Eightball ::

Moin Moin Sgt.Eightball,

I thought after last night it would be a good idea to make a few things clear,
which might have been mentioned before but here I go -again-.
First, you should know, that at least I am appreciating gaming with you.

Being an admin for OS is not about how much time you have spent here on the server, teamspeak or forums.
It is much more important how you have dealed with inappropriate behavior, players who do not respect/ignore server rules. If you have been supporting those who have been picked on for no reason like getting teamkilled but in a way that no one is offended within speech or behavior.

Another point might be, you do have a way of justice which can easily be misunderstood since you are one person of temper when you 'respond' to injustice. For example 'wtf NAME' is not the perfect way of being diplomatic and solving an issue between two players.
Using 'bad language' is fine with those who know you like I do for example. But others who are 'just' in game do not know about your laughs nor your good intentions since they just see what you write in response.
And when you think about it, you might understand that someone who has been 'shut up' by e.g. 'wtf!' or 'rush you motherf*****' and/or zulu'd once or twice at the same time since he/she has been last but did not recognize as quick as he/she should have, would probably be slightly irritated or offended. You need to let people explain even when this means you need to spend more time and patience on issues which should not be an issue for a fair and nice gameplay for all.
Zulu is OK, but reminding those who did not rush by last man/woman with a short message like: 'Last man RUN and GUN' shall be good too. If they still play on their own, name the person here on the forums and we will take care of the matter once we get a chance.

And you should know, that we do our best to keep the OS server as enjoyable for all those gamers out there. But there are sure times when no admin is present to watch you lil sheeps since we are not playing 24/7 ;) and do have a real life somewhere.

-Sorry OS members, but I will take the chance and speak for all of us and if this is NOT welcome, send me a PM and I will take the following off again-
So we from OS are not disrespecting you since we have not asked you to become an admin for OS. We just think that you are not fit to be an admin of the things I have mentioned above. An admin should be able to solve issues in an objective way without swear words whether it is personal or not.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I am looking forward to a nice, smooth gameplay in the future with less trouble when we all are on the same side, if you know what I am talking about. One for all and all for OS ;)

Greetz'n'hugs from 'Ostfriesland' (the region I live in) in Germany

badtwobone wrote:by badtwobone » Thu Nov 18, 2010 3:33 pm

ban ban ban !!!. thats what i think he has no respected we dont need people like you eight ball . ggzs all bones
Slayer wrote:by Slayer » Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:39 pm

I'm already searching for the hammer Bone. I want to have a fun and good games, and I'm not a babysitter.
MrJigglyPuff wrote:by MrJigglyPuff » Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:32 am

Hey Eightballs.... not cool, not cool.

The Admins are here to keep the trash and the riff raff out. Sorry you felt you needed to include yourself in that category.
Disrespect of anyones nationality is sooo not cool. Your responses on the Shout only cemented what I just said.

Slayer wrote:by Slayer » Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:51 am

Bones and I were already singing this song...

MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:45 pm

This one is just for you, Michael aka Sgt.Eightballs:

*big fat chocolate sweet huggy*


Guess you really need someone to hold you tight ;)
and no swearing will get you outta there. Nope.
Try it hun, aint working. And when I say NO!, believe me whatever you try, it's a waste of time ;)

Greetz Oni
Sgt.Eightballs wrote:by Sgt.Eightballs » Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:23 pm

Oni is abusing her admin prev.................she Ban spider for calling her a bitch.i have records on teamspeak that i recorded with slayer and several other players making sexual remarks to oni all day long..ever day for the last 6 months....she even changes her name to sexybitch from time to time..then spider which has played with oni and sat on ts with us for hours calls her a bitch and she banns him..then she makes post about me saying i am using a few curse words on server if i dont stop ill get banned.i have played os for 7 years and never have been disrespectful to any players but oni types up this big bullshit post about me and my attiude but in the same breath says i love playing with u but mabey some people complain...reallly who has complained and for what i have never even been warned. but shes admin now so the rules change without any warning who is she to deside who can speak freely and who cant when they do it all the time..its bullshit....................i have never had problems until oni puts up a post about me i guess she wants all the attention..which it seems like everyone is gonna kiss her ass cause shes lets them talk nasty to her thats bullshit too.everyone should be treated the same......i should not get banned for standing up for someone that was treated bad thats the fact...i think os need to figure out if its ok to talk nasty to the female players or not and make the rule the same for everyone...that would be a good start..but to start banning players for no reason is pitiful...i got banned for posting in shout box thats bullshit too but im sure oni little rant about me didnt help slayers has been a dick to me since i let it be known that all the nasty talk was bullshit i think it needs to be addressed by pops ....it should not be going on period if u ask me respect all players that what u say .....welll all male players on os should respect female players thats a fact.....so what are we gonna do about it thats my question.
Sgt.Eightballs wrote:by Sgt.Eightballs » Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:30 pm

im sitting her reading forums and the bullshit goes on in here also the women players are here to play just like we are they should not be talked to like the are objects and thats whats going on by the admins...are u serious the admin are breaking the rules just as much as the players are so who governs the admins................
MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:17 pm

Dear Sgt.Eightball,

there is already a post in the "Obsolete Superstars Website" section called: ":: Message for Sgt.Eightballs ::"

http://www.obsoletesuperstars.com/forum ... ?f=4&t=388

Please use that post for further responses to keep it all in order. So please stop creating new posts. And creating new posts doesn't get you more answers. Thank you!

MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:42 pm

Dear Sgt.Eightballs,

there are times when you aren't around. There are situations you didn't witness and still happened.

One of those situations you can barely judge are Spider's offences.
I decided to keep it private first since Spider promised he wont do it again. My fault I have been wrong.
But believe me it's up to an OS admin whether the admin wants to make the first announcement public or do it in private (e.g. talking on TS or on MSN).
Best example for a public announcement is you, Sgt.Eightballs since I have decided to make a public post here in the forums so every participant gets a chance to say what he or she thinks. My reason? Pretty simple I got complaints about you in game from other RvS players and a couple OS admins have been watching you for quite a while - like it or not.
And before you got your butt kicked, I was looking forward to get a statement from you here on the forum, so in return other people could have said what they think. Unfortunatley you didn't take my advice to register and write your opinion into the forums. Then again you have taken our concerns about your temper seriously and watched your tongue till now.

:: Summary ::

1. Spider's ban...

a) insulted me (Mrs.Oni) several times in game, on TS and in private

b) his drunken behavior made other players on TS uncomfortable

c) couldn't control his mouth in game and on TS while being drunk

2. Sgt.Eightballs ban...

a) careless: your temper and misbehaving (threats) in game

b) rude: your misbehaving on the shoutbox

c) disrespectful: using OS members and Spider's name for insults on the shoutbox

d) your very own view of 'doing justice'
Sgt.Eightballs wrote:by Sgt.Eightballs » Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:21 pm
**** you *****
****edited by fodder****

how did i overlook this comment, if i had seen this Earlier?? =instant ban FOREVER.
screw the irritation from you being childish and spamming our entire forums, this is downright unacceptable and i am certainly not gonna tolerate it while i am around!!
Sgt.Eightballs wrote:by Sgt.Eightballs » Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:22 pm

i want to hear from pops and old school and baroness and kiss and howard and zog ....u and slayer are out
MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:40 pm

Thank you, Michael.
Now I have lost even the last piece of respect for you and your so called honest, fair attempts to receive justice.

I'm pretty sure, even when I take this a step too far, but no current OS admin will give you another chance of hearing you out. Not after your last statement directed to me.
Sgt.Eightballs wrote:**** you *****
It could have been simple, Michael. Like I have asked you to, keep your statements clear of swearings, insults or other bad language when you want others to take you for real and give a response. Your choice since you obviously couldn't. Take care.

Sgt.Eightballs wrote:by Sgt.Eightballs » Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:15 pm

You have been granted admin privileges at OS, and with those privileges comes responsibility.
As an admin, you set the standards for other players.
It is your responsibility to uphold all OS server rules at all times.
Being respectful to other players/admins is everyone's responsibility.
Racial jokes, names, and armpatches are not acceptable.
Respect of other players/admins boundaries of sexual jokes are to be acknowledged.
This implies that jokes being directed specifically to someone who does not have any wish or interest in that type of humor are off limits.
This also requires acknowledgement that this is a 'mature' rated game and the vast majority of people enjoy making jokes to mutually-minded friends.

OS does not endorse or condone the TK'ing of a player to make an initial point,
but does acknowledge that admins who do use this style of server policing need to give verbal warnings (plural)
to offenders before using said policing technique.
The warnings should be given in game text and not in TeamSpeak since not all players use it.

Spectators need to be removed if gone longer than 15 minets when the server is full
Courtesy Guidelines
Upon the change to a new map, if you are able to, pause the game until everyone has joined,
or you've waited a reasonable amount of time for people to download the new map.

If there is an accidental TK in the first 20 seconds, or an intentional TK,
the round should be restarted with the statement "No TK Rule."
If a player joins the server/game within the first 20 seconds of game play restarting the round for them with the statement
"New Player Joined" is acceptable and encouraged.

If a player gets TK'd at spawn by a tango, restarting the round with the statement "Death at Spawn"
is encouraged.
MrJigglyPuff wrote:by MrJigglyPuff » Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:19 am

wow Eightballs, wow.

So what you're like an 11 year old? Or at least have the posting capabilities of one? You Spam posts through out the OS forums, the exact same message as if we cant read the first one?
Here I was thinking we were going to switch from the "kiddie" antics from the Shout, to posting on an adult level here on the forums about the reasons a person is banned... and there you go acting the fool. wow. Just wow.

You know what cuz` you've not impressed me.

This crap only confirms the Admins first thoughts about your ban, "good idea".
And you say your a friend to Spider, well any friend this big an @$$ to anyone deserved to be banned along with them.

When you want to have an "Adult" conversation, look me up. Otherwise, do you, me, the OS* Admins and our Gaming Friends, OH and not to forget the Entire RvS Gaming Community... a favor...

fodder wrote:by fodder » Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:50 am


to bad you let your actions speak louder than your words, and your choices of wording certainly didn't help your case either.
old school wrote:by old school » Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:48 pm

well its obvious that eight didnt get it. personally i was in the military and i dont use the language that he does. i had my issues before i became an admin and try to live up to the responsibility entrusted with that appointment. sad that eight forgot what the core value was. fun for all with respect ;) be cool all and see ya in game soon, old
The_Baroness wrote:by The_Baroness » Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:15 am

Don't drag me into this conversation. I was not there on the day of this all happening and can not defend you in any way shape or form. Just cause you act good with me does not mean you did not do such things. I believe Oni as I think of her as a nice lady and that she would not make up such crazy things.
pops wrote:by pops » Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:12 am

please everyone, acknoledge these rules set forth by eightballs, i keep forgetting he is the owner of this server and pays for it!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :D :D :D :D :o :o :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Poopy Head wrote:Postby Poopy Head » Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:21 am

Hey guys, Daniel aka Poopy Head here. I keep reading these posts and I find myself compeld to reply. I wont try to defend Sgt. Eightballs because I don't know exactly what he did, but....in my many years playing on your server and others, I've had nothing but a great time playing with him. Yes we bust each others balls but when asked to refrain himself by others, he always complies. Maybe thats not true in your case, but since I spend most of my time playing on the OS server I just like to say 2 cents. Nothing I say will get him unbanned, but I do have fun playing with him and he's a better than average player.
Slayer wrote:by Slayer » Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:02 am

Hey Poopy Daniel :lol: ,

Great to see you are on our forums also. I do have al a lot off respect for u off the way u are telling your feelings and thoughts.

Hopefully you will post more our forum.

See ya in the game.

MrJigglyPuff wrote:by MrJigglyPuff » Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:54 pm

Hey POOP! The PoopMaster!

I'll clue you in, the things that got eightballs banned was his rudeness to the Admins.
He posted in others name and tried to deny the deed, and when he was caught he called an Admin something unrepeatable. This got him banned off the Server.
When asked to stop spamming the Shout and join the Forums to discuss in a more prevalent manner, he spammed the forums and continued to berate the Admins. That got him banned off our Forums.

And while his gameplay was standard, it was his childish, raciest, behavior that landed him in trouble.
We have a Very Short fuse towards such acts.

Freedom is endless ... "Traveller - Sarazar (feat. Circle of Alchemists)"

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:: Message for Spider ::

Post by MrsOni » Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:57 pm

:: Message for Spider ::

[The "pic" thread aint the correct thread to post such a reply! Thanks.]

No warning?

Let me just think about that again.
OK, gimme another minute please.
Hold on... I'm getting close to that thought.
Oh no, I don't. ...-.-...
Mmm, is it just me who is being confused?
I do remember a couple of talks I have had with someone calling himself "Spider".
Didn't record or save them.
But I do remember that I have 'warned' you a couple of months back about your drunken behavior.
Hell time is passing by like nothing,
maybe I should have held a blinking sign saying: Caution Spider, watch yourself. People might be annoyed.
And waaait, that's what I have told you 'several' times.
Not once,
not twice,
I can't even remember how many times.

Sad how I'm justifying myself here knowing I have done what I could have done except chaining 'you' to your chair far away from the keyboard or microphone just in case you get out of control -again-.
So ok Spider, what should I have done instead of 'talking'?
You might like to tell me?

OK, seriously Spider.
I'm sorry I had to ban you,
but honestly that's what you have been asking for
since you have told me,
promised me,
you would watch your 'tongue' and you didn't.
Like I said, how many times shall I ignore the swearing of yours?
How many times shall I listen to you being sorry and you don't even know what for!
I look like a damn fool when I would let you go with your last insult:
"...ur worthless shit".
Every other player on OS would have been gone a long time ago, Spider.
And I have tried,
given you chances,
so again... what, with all respect, Spider should I have done?

Greetz to all'n'out'n'no hugs
MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:15 pm
Spider wrote:if u anyone of come out from cave and tell me why im banned..?!.hmm
Reply: I sent you a PM message letting you know.
Does it really matter, if I send it before or after a ban?
My guess I don't even have to send a message. Just a guess.

Spider wrote:lol its oni behind it all..oh well ..cya ..
Reply: You should have figured out it's me since I have written that I have banned you in my PM message.

Spider wrote:not a good move oni ..oh u can talk ..but between us was is no near os so ur power ..too me ..chill down ..
take care etc .. ;)
Reply: What's good?
Let's release all banned players!
Oh and I'm incredible, tragically sorry that the 'private' insults (you know, between you and me, eh!) of yours influenced my 'ban' decision.
In case all or most OS members will vote in favor to take back your 'ban' on the OS server, you can be sure I will seperate those two totally different things.
Keep private what's private aslong as there's no OS in front!
Oh hell how could I have been so damn wrong!
But excuse my simple mind, how would an OS (for let me guess, all OS members?) Oni insult look like?
Maybe like the last one in game?
Or how about when you called me "bitch" on TS? And there was no giggling or saying, "haha, joooke" which would have given me a hint, that the "bitch" was a "joke"!
I would like to know, honestly.
Spider wrote:by Spider » Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:57 pm

fodder wrote:by fodder » Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:08 am

to MrsOni

i just want to extend a personal thanks for being so politically correct with your patience and extensive efforts in trying to help those who are not getting the "point" with an understanding as the the "why" your having to resort to the actions your taking.

i think its way overdue and hopefully you can go back to enjoying the game instead of "babysitting"

all admins are due the respect of their position, they were invited for a reason and anyone who is causing them grief is obviously missing the point of teamwork. regardless of differences or points of view, their is still respect to be given to the position and responsibilities that come with it.
Being an admin for OS is not about how much time you have spent here on the server, teamspeak or forums.
It is much more important how you have dealed with inappropriate behavior, players who do not respect/ignore server rules. If you have been supporting those who have been picked on for no reason like getting teamkilled but in a way that no one is offended within speech or behavior.
if this even has to be "explained" to someone they obviously have missed the boat! but a big pat on the back to MrsOni for taking the time to bother and explain it. i certainly wouldn't have wasted my time.

these days i don't spend a lot of forums time anymore, but for MrsOni i felt some praise should be given

p.s. same feelings goes with sgt8balls post.
pops wrote:by pops » Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:44 pm

i praise her all the time, she is one of my hero's
she walks softly on eggshells but carry's a big beater!!
oops now they know about us Oni!!
what else can i say? i love her as well as all admin here.
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:: Note for dEZZnUTTS ::

Post by MrsOni » Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:02 pm

:: Note for dEZZnUTTS ::

Hello and good evening everyone, my sweeties and whoever I left out!

I know there can be different ways of interpretation once you pull a frag at spawn right along with the not so unimportant little detail of the ping/ zipper.
But I hardly doubt that the coincidence between the complaint a round before followed by a vote for the next map was a coincidence at all. Especially when that someone, in this case no one less than Mr.'dEEZnUTTS' himself was not able to open his mouth and type a 'sorry' or a similiar message to let me know it was an accident.

Me for myself, I want to hear or see a 'sorry', once an 'accident' happens. If you aint in for it, do it one more time and I can assure you, you will be gone Mr. dEEZnUTTS.
As I do not want to waste my time to get you to talk to figure out, if it was 'fun', an 'accident' or whatever other reason is possible.
Then again, here I am leaving a note for you,...
[Edit: Talking to a player who completely ignores any kind of contact is a very good idea of giving the 'correct' impression. Your only chance to get an issue straightened out, is talking to us. Else it is quite hard to get your point of view, another thing you might consider to think about.]

I am aware that the RvS community is quite small because it is an old game by now. Nevertheless I do not want my gaming time be disturbed with 'accidents' just cos I did not go along with your idea of playing this certain map or any other reason.
If you do not like the map, your team or the 'tactic' being used, how about the possibilty of free choice to leave the server and play somewhere else?
No one forced you to stay and play, even when you obviously did not like the map. So aslong as you are a fair player who respects and can be respected you are more than welcome to join the OS server. Just something you should think about...



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friz - Is arrogance a part of running a server?

Post by fodder » Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:19 am

friz - Is arrogance a part of running a server?
friz wrote:by friz » Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:58 am


I was playing in OS server. I TKed RollingFish, quickly apologized. The round ends, Fish says something like "check your radar noob jeez" (long story - make it short - Fish, and others usually are on comms we know each other a little so he insults and I have no problem with that - I know he's not serious). Then I said you are so noob I can't see you on radar to which he responded you are so fat I see you on radar (pure non sense - just random stuff). I just say "exactly" . Next thing you know Oni comes at me and I tell her it's just a friendly noob, no big deal to which she responds something like "I don't know if you are kidding or not ; next thing you know boom and you're not here anymore". Then I tell her, ok Oni, if you want .. you can kick me or I can leave myself if you ask me : I don't mind. After she says some stuff like "suck it up, etc...it's not your server". I find it very arrogant from her, I don't know what kind of issues she was having but that doesn't concern me at all. As far as I know a warning like "please talk nice" is the first thing to do. I feel very disrespected by such words and I am no teenager to speak to like this which is IMO very arrogant, especially from an admin. I threat everyone with respect in your server and other servers, when you asked me to leave to make place for an admin, I did without posing any questions but when I get this in return, it's very unpleasant. I don't even understand why she is picking on me since I simply apologized for a TK at the begining. Is it really necessary to be so arrogant to players having fun? Even Jamaica Rum said "shut the hell up" and it seemed fine with her. I don't want to be rude, but IMO she's the one that should have "sucked it up" (using her terms).

Play nice, play fair and respect others. Thank you.
as far as arrogance....... your fucking a right she is entitled to be arrogant.
do we know each other??
have you played on our servers before??

do you think it her job to tolerate disruptive behavior from outsiders whom join our server for enjoyment?

if you want to harass and play grab ass with your buddy why don't you keep it to your team speak were you know each other as you stated.
and if asked by an admin why isint your first thought hey maybe i should listen to what their telling me.....geeewiz im a guest in someone elts server and maybe should conduct myself that way.

personally friends i know ill harass them call em noob and have a mutually good time, but if im a guest in another server i think i would and do conduct myself accordingly especially if an admin points out to me im being disruptive and does not appreciate it.

so welcome to our server and please conduct yourself accordingly. or join the others in the ban hammer far as im concerned.
our admins get first rights, benefits and privileges for dealing with all the bs others bring into this server.

maybe rethink your outlook and she might feel a bit let aggravated by your behavior after i dont know...................establishing a relationship first.

im sure other admins can reply with a more politically correct comment but i wouldn't have tolerated it for a second, i can tell by your whole attitude your on the wrong page of whom is in the wrong here. not to mention oni has been with us for what 5, 6 years now, ya i think shes proven herself long ago as level headed and respective to others ................not that you need to be explained any of this its just being polite of just how in the wrong you are.
MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:15 pm

Moin Moin!

Thank you for your point of view and your support Fodder! Totally agreed.

Just a few words.
1. As you admitted yourself, I do not know you, Mister Frizbee, nor Mister RollingFish.

2. Fodder is right, you are a guest on our server. When we ask you to stop a certain behavior, you should respect it as a guest. Not quite sure, but when a guest ignores a reasonable request, it seems 'arrogant' to me, but I am wrong, eh ...^.^... And by the way, surprise, surprise, I do not enjoy watching players, above all people I do not know, picking on each other (because of 1. & 4.) .

3. Mister frizbee and Mister RollingFish were picking on each other. No matter whether rude or friendly words are used, still not nice, especially because of 1. .

4. No way to tell, whether it was serious or fun, because of 1.
4.1 Just out of curiosity, questions for you, Mister Frizbee:
4.1.1 Why should I trust your word, when you write 'we are friends, all good' (particularly cos of 1.)?
4.1.1 What do you suggest to distinguish a 'funny' from a 'bad' Chat, pre-eminently when you do not know, nor hear (e.g. on TS) the participants?

5. As you mentioned yourself, you both kept on picking on each other. Specially you, Mister frizbee, while you knew I could not knew that you were enjoying yourself on TeamSpeak.

6. Mister Jamaican Rum's expression of "shut the hell up" was rude, though, let's be honest, it was appropriated. Since you ignored my request to interrupt your 'lovely conversation', instead you wanted to persuade me of your opinion pretty badly. Which was not the first time for you, because I remember a similiar situation with you from last week.

7. My expression of: "so suck it up. it is not your server, not your rules" meant you, Mister Frizbee to stop your fun-whatever-thing and continue your 'lovely conversation' somewhere else, where NO ONE might misunderstand you. Though I failed to set you straight, instead I simply ignored you.

8. When my expectations of a nice gameplay disturb your fun, you are free to leave the server, instead of starting an argument why I should make an exception for you.

9. When point 8. makes me arrogant, hell yes I enjoy being arrogant. Thank you ...^.^... !!!

A lovely, sunny Tuesday to all my sweeties out there!
the gracious and reasonable Milady Oni ...^.^...
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...Outline for Mr.Sandman...

Post by MrsOni » Sun Jul 20, 2014 5:00 am

...Outline for Mr.Sandman...

Moin Moin Mr. Sandman,
have you had a lovely weekend?

OK, may I please?
You claim to have been wrongfully banned
& Pops agrees to reverse your ban.
OK, may I go on please?
OK, would you be so kind & read my first "Shout", my first response to your request, please?!
You may reply now ...^.^...

*hugs sweeties*

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Some guy just banned like 5 people in Ravenshield... please unban - not sure what happened
- IPAD @ 12:09 am 2014.07.19
people only get banned by me for terrible things, one is racist remarks towards african americans, another: tk'n lead administrator!! not a smart thing to do.....maybe one day ill unban you.
- pic of pops cereal @ 12:50 am 2014.07.19
Well it certainly wasn't me, it was Cauruso, or something like that. He went Nuts and you punished the rest of us unfairly. Again, please un-ban. Thank you.
- IPAD @ 09:12 am 2014.07.19
@IPAD: For removing your name, we need your game ID. Register at our Forum & send a PM (forum message). Mmm, so you got in the middle of the heat? It's up to Pops, whether we lift your ban, so it's helpful when you make a post in our Forum as well. Describe who did what, screenshots are helpful.
- Mrs.Oni @ 09:54 am 2014.07.19
i think it is extremely kind of mrs. oni to offer to help you. she has my pewrmission to remove your ban. i know you were playing as dont tread on me, so please be respectful of other people when she gives you back the key. love you Oni.......
- pic of pops cereal @ 09:00 pm 2014.07.19
Negative. I am Sandman, and was doing no wrong.
- IPAD @ 09:16 pm 2014.07.19
If you want your ban removed, read my ...Shout!... below. Thanks!
- Mrs.Oni @ 04:21 am 2014.07.20
Thank you for patience & attention Mr.Sandman!
Are you searching for your game ID?
1.5.3 Your game ID <<<click me, click me<<<

*sweet warm huggy to you Popsi*

IPAD wrote:by IPAD » Sun Jul 20, 2014 5:52 pm

Ok.... I registered all nice and pretty like.

My UPI ID is... surprise "IPAD".

What else is there to know?
MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:34 pm

Dear Mr Sandman,

you have,
as every other RvS player as well,
quite a 'long' game ID (also known as Global ID) consisting of numbers & letters,
which you can access through your RvS gaming folder
& which I need to remove your ban ...^.^...!

On how you access this information is written in my post above
Thank you for patience & attention Mr.Sandman!
Are you searching for your game ID?
...*scroll above & click the link*
A quick deposition with your RvS details:
Ubiname = IPAD
Used Nickname = TheSandMan
RvS Global ID = *Example: m_szGlobalID=123ABC1DE1F1G1H1IJ01KL1MN1OP11*

IPAD wrote:by IPAD » Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:43 pm

What? I've never seen that. I use "IPAD" to sign into UPI. Find the location in some subfolder for me, or better yet, just un-ban everyone from last Friday. jeez.
MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:32 pm

Sandi, oh Sandi!

A peek behind the scenery & why we need what we need.
I want your global ID!

1 Your ubiname & global ID (identification) are two completely different marks.
1.1 Nickname/ Username: A 'public' name you use while playing RavenShield (RvS) online.
1.2 Global ID: Your personal 'hidden' marking for RavenShield Rainbow Six 3.
1.3 Ubiname: The 'hidden' name you used to register at ubi.com & to sign into RavenShield.

2 The difference
2.1 A ban refers to your global ID to remove you permanently from a certain game server.
2.2 A global ID can't be changed.
2.3 A nickname or ubiname can be changed.

3 Our server - the RvS standard
3.1 We have a banlist which ONLY lists global IDs.
3.2 Nicknames & Ubinames are omitted.
3.3 Ban dates are omitted as well.

4 RvS mods (modifications)
4.1 Some mods, e.g. additional ammunition are installed on our RvS server.
4.2 We have NO mod for a completion of the banlist installed.

5 "...or better yet, just un-ban everyone from last Friday..."
5.1 No!
5.2 The original ban on player TroublemakerXY is justified!
5.3 The original ban on player TroublemakerXY will stay.

6 Send me your GLOBAL ID!
1.5.3 Your game ID can be found in:

"C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\the folder where RVS is\RavenShield\system\RavenShield.ini"

Open that file with the text-editor & you'll find a string that says something like:
IPAD wrote:by IPAD » Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:08 pm


EDIT by Estrada: Removed so no one can use his GID to login
MrsOni wrote:Postby MrsOni » Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:34 am

Moin Moin Mr.Sandman,

your ban has been removed, enjoy your gaming!

Freedom is endless ... "Traveller - Sarazar (feat. Circle of Alchemists)"