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...:: PR for a game "Looterkings" ? ::...

Post by MrsOni » Fri May 12, 2017 9:41 am

Moin Miladies & Milords!

Do you have any advice, an idea where we can advertise a computer game for a broader crowd than mainly Germans?

It is already on "steampowered.com",
therefore as Beta-version for more feedback & of course the necessary bug testing.

Unfortunately they underestimated the power of a main publisher while they started the game,
thought a handful of good "Let's Player" would eventually be enough to cover the (international) gaming scene,
which is why they search for a publisher who's willing to invest now.

kicking ur friend's butt while trying to battle ur way through various dungeons to finally defeat the elven-king
Main game intention: evil fun among friends
Gamestyle: Hard! Dicks shall stay home ...^.^... It's a challenge, so u need to work as team @ some point, all loot for one will kill ur mission & u all loose :twisted:
Link: Looterkings
Looter-Wiki: Wiki Looterkings

Mission: Evil, but I like this gamestyle (multiplayer up to 4player)

Soccer/football: Funny football battle 2 vs 2 with various hurdles

Twitch option: even more fun, since ur viewers choose if u gain a good or bad trait

Single player: Not recommended! It's mainly a multiplayer game. BUT they 're working on an option to make it possible without crashing & burning ur game & computer cos of the almost impossible act of reaching the goal, death to the elven king! LMAO! :twisted:

More information:
Good old gaming style, you 'll die plenty of times while playing, everytime ur team dies, u 'll keep ur bought items, but start @ the beginning. So as I mentioned, dicks hands off, u wont like it!
Safe points only once u completed a whole level :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
U'll curse,
u 'll scream,
u might even get up madly jumping around,
cos u/ ur friend suck so badly that u have to restart the 1st level over & over again.
Oh, how I enjoy this kinda gaming style! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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