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Post by MrsOni » Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:13 pm

Sweet Death by Oni

Too bad I didn't take a photo of my deadliest cake I created so far.
A b-day cake for a special friend, summer past year.

Chocolate Chip Peach Cake with Almond Nougat

Sounds delicious.
Was delicious.
And very heavy, due to high summer temperatures & my perfection - the white choco icing didn't work with the high degrees. So instead of keeping the cake 'naked', I melted more white chocolate ...^.^... *muhar* ... :twisted: :lol: :twisted:

Imagine a small (18cm baking tin) deep dark chocolate chip cake.
Topped with plenty of peaches in between 2 rich layers of self-made almond nougat under 1kg white chocolate.

Unfortunately I was off to another party while the special friend received my cake,
*hihihi*...the bomb.
You could've used the whole cake as dumb-bell, that 's how heavy my cake was :twisted:
And some sweeties had a really rough night, digesting a piece of cake the rest of their night till most of their morning.
Some thoughts:
"Wtf's inside this cake?!"(Carrying the cake & before cutting the first piece)
"Yeah, at least 2kg chocolate + peaches, yeah. *gihi*" "Do you wanna kill R.?(the diabetic)" "The white choco was supposed to cover the cake! Only worked with that kilo. LMAO."
"That's a cake'n'not a brick!?"
"It's so freaking awesome... I'm going to die finishing this piece"
"...shoot me!"
"...but gimme one more piece"
"Is Oni trying to kill us :lol: "

I called this cake 'Die hard, now more than ever' *gihihi*,
a special delivery for very special sweeties ...^.^...

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