understanding team speak

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understanding team speak

Post by pops » Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:26 pm

hi everyone!! hey there has been discussians about ts being a good bonding thing for admins and guests. and i thing some people might think i dont like to "mingle " with fellow gamers. there are various reasons that people use it and maybe some like me have reason why i dont and i thought if i clarified you would understand why im not usuing it. i have people sitting in my living room most nights and they are watching movies and tv, and then theres pops who is welded to his computer chair playing raven shield or whatever game he feels would be fun for the night. out of respect to my family i dont use team speak cause i have a loud voice due to my loss of hearing (about 50%). and i tend to get carried away and get to loud. so there ya go.
i also think i should get some depends so i dont have to quit playing to go to the bathroom!!!! hahahahahahahahahah ok ok . plz be nice if you post a response or i will get revenge.

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Re: understanding team speak

Post by fodder » Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:48 am

i also think i should get some depends so i dont have to quit playing to go to the bathroom!!!!
LMFAO if i wasent sitting in this easy chair i swear i woulda fell on the floor i was laughing so hard.

glad ya shed some light on that i was under the impression that it was because jig is so obnoxious when he is in ts (hahahaha laughs in jigs direction)

but seriously, i do hope ya join us when your able to. giving ya a hard time is alot more fun with a real laugh vrs "lol" but i can understand and appreciate your respect for the other people in the room.

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Re: understanding team speak

Post by MrJigglyPuff » Fri Mar 13, 2009 2:03 am

hahahahahaha fodder you're so funny it hurts... no wait i cant hear anything you say over your TAPPING!
Or should i say "Woddy Woodpecker"! I know you're all about your custom with-the-grain cut, wood lap-board, but there's this new thing called a "HEADSET". it's actually a "COMBINATION" microphone and headphones all in "ONE" unit! this way your microphone is no where close to your mouse or keyboard. it allows the microphone to be positioned "AWAY" from the unwanted sounds of any hard surface being struck or key clicking device.

Get this, it actually "PUTS" the "MICROPHONE" where it "NEEDS" to be,"NEXT to your "MOUTH"! I know ingenious right! what will they think of next?
Oh wait i know whats "NEXT", they also have this "NEW" thing called a "MOUSE PAD". "YOU" put this "MOUSE PAD" between your "MOUSE" and "ANY" hard "SURFACE". this "MOUSE PAD" actually "CUSHIONS" the "MOUSE" minimizing any "SOUNDS" that would be "GENERATED".

by using this "MOUSE PAD" your "MICROPHONE" would not "PICK UP" any "UNWANTED" "SOUNDS". now can you "IMAGINE" what "JOY" anyone on TS would "EXPERIENCE" if you "COMBINED" the "USE" of a "HEADSET" with a "MOUSE PAD" ?!?!?!?! I'm not sure if any human could withstand such delights!!!!!
hahahahahahahahahaha :lol:

yeah pops, we hear ya... no wait. hehe i'm finding i cant spend as much time playing as i'd like so to limit my time, i'm not getting on TS as much either.
And besides, you know how Baroness gets when i'm on... sigh :roll:

Avast! Ye be a filthy dirty "landlovin" skallywag and I still be... Captain Bottleneck! Marauder of the highseas!
(cue the theme music!!!)

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Re: understanding team speak

Post by The_Baroness » Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:16 pm

LOL Jigs.......Oh ya just dig ya .....

You know me I just like hanging out with the guys.....
Besides I find the gaming better when you can laugh, joke or even help each other out.
Kind of miss having pops on ts.....I'm glad to know that I did not scare my friend away..... :)

Oh and Pops .......u can move into the nursing home I work at.....I'm sure you can still play Rvs and all......And u can have a cute nurse come and change that depends for ya......roflmao

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