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Re: Working elevator

Post by E.Estrada » Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:33 am

fodder wrote:MR Puff Daddy wrote
Looks great! Will be nice to compare to the one in the Train_Depot map.
yup that map estrada was the one that inspired me to make an elevator map, think i actually made 3 but the main one i am remembering was OSjapan something or other, you start in the streets and move into the building has full basement with workout and massage blah blah blah
i think my elevators were kinda slow but they did 3 levels you can access at each level
only draw back in multi player is their prone to fail , solution is make sure its not your only access
but their still cool as hell
nice work, one day ill get a computer and have the time to play around with ravenshield, i often think about it but this comp wont even tun the editor anymore
Man... I read that in your voice. Miss talking to you buddy. Cheers!
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