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...:: Map editing infos ::...

Post by MrsOni » Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:45 pm

Help for the following:... [Update: 07.10.2016]
1) Game Mode Uniform
- adver & co-op

2) Map Compression
- RavenShieldCompressor 2.2 & RavenShield Rainbow Six Tool

3) Thank Y O U, Map Makers!
- Appreciation to you, who creates & fixes

4) Final Map Editing Optimization by SpecOps (3rd post)

5) RVS Unreal Editor Instructions

6) Elevator/ Lift

7) Free Static Meshes

8) Run'n'gun Info

fodder wrote:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;Adverserial game mode Uniform;

;Team Survival

;Team Pilot



;Cooperative game mode uniform;

;Terrorist hunt

this is in the ini file at the bottom, every map has one and i highlighted the text refering to iniforms in red.

you can also change the uniform from light medium or heavy in the ini file.

you can view all the stock map uniforms at this page for included tangos and hostiages

i hope this helps,
Moin Moin sweeties!

How to deal with the compression tool:...
-Heavy Metal mentioned it only worked on WinXP, checking it later, not sure if I tested it on XP or Win7-

1 Downloading the tool
1.1 Check your "Download" folder, so you know where to find the file again
1.2 For "Firefox":
-"Extras/Settings/General or Common"
-Menu item: "Downloads"
-"All files will be saved: Downloads" (< my selected directory)
1.2 Download the file & save it onto your computer

2 Unpacking the file
2.1 Left click on "ravenshieldcompressor_2.2_fix.zip"
2.2 Click on "Decompression to"
2.3 Choose the directory
2.4 Click on "OK" after you've choosen a directory
2.5 Get into the choosen directory
2.6 Put "compress.exe" into your "Windows7/Programs/.../Red Storm Entertainment/RavenShield/system" folder.

3 How to compress
3.1 Move all files you want to compress into your "...RavenShield/system" folder
3.2 A list of all files can be helpful, when you want to remove them again
3.3 Start "compress.exe" with a left click
3.4 Select the files which should be compressed & click "Compress file Types"
3.5 The compressed file version has the ending ".uz". E.g: "MyOwnMap.rsm.uz"

4 Done!

Enjoy creating more maps for RvS & thank you for your ideas, creations & the time you spend working on it!
Milady Oni
E.Estrada wrote:Just a heads up, you don't need any extra tools to compress ravenshield files. The game comes with a compression utility, UCC.exe and it's in the system folder of Ravenshield. In addition it works across Windows platforms, so no need to have XP.

You use it by copying any files you want to compress into your system folder where UCC.exe is located. You then open a command prompt and navigate to that system folder. If you happen to have Windows Explorer open to that folder as you just probably copied the files you want to compress, you can hit alt + d on the keyboard, and then type cmd and then hit enter, which will open a command prompt there.

When you are in the command prompt, type:

ucc compress <filename.ext> to compress a file. For example:
ucc compress Airport.rsm

Or for many files of the same type:
ucc compress *.rsm

After they compress you will have a .uz version of the file in the system directory now, e.g.
Airport.rsm is still there, but a new Airport.rsm.uz is there as well.

It's basically a zip file to be honest, .uz stands for Unreal Zipped I think and RvS runs on Unreal Engine 2.0

Capture.PNG (19.31 KiB) Viewed 2658 times
...:: Thank You, Map Makers! ::...
MrsOni wrote:by MrsOni » Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:06 am
...:: Thank you Map Makers! ::...

This message is for those who enjoyed & spent time creating maps for RvS.
For all of those people who give a try to see if they can create their ideas.
Put it in a map.
Enrich our RvS community with their concepts & passion, their time & patience.

Thank you very much!

We hope it's alright, when we add terrorists & fix broken spawn areas to maps mentioned in the "Map Report Center" section!
Our main man for mapping is HeavyMetal at the moment & SpecOps might join him with this little job.

You guys out there somewhere have my respect & keep going!


Thank you & greetings!
Milady Oni ...^.^...
MrJigglyPuff wrote:by MrJigglyPuff » Sat Feb 21, 2015 4:05 am
And while I cant offer something as sweet at Oni can, hehe I can tell all of the Editors out there, you have my Thanks!
We'll do what it takes to keep OS running smooth, so the maps can make it on our server.

Thank You,
HeavyMetal wrote:by HeavyMetal » Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:16 pm
Wow, what an awesome place to play, and to have these awesome adventures. I want to thank you all admins and players for making this place so awesome and fun and mature. Rest assured my mapping days are far from over, and even though i've gotten slower at it lol, there are many more to come ;) Special thx to Oni, who was the one that gave me a chance to share my maps with you all! I will destroy that cake hahaha! U rock JigglyPuff and Oni, keep on doing your thang :D
SpecOps wrote:by SpecOps » Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:39 pm
Thank you for hosting maps :D i mainly create coop maps but have odd ideas for a pvp / advers Map based on Mexican Stand Off 8 players facing each other in a circle after the clock goes 3 2 1 last man/women alive wins :D , i have more coop themes than advers
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Re: ...:: Map editing infos ::...

Post by HeavyMetal » Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:18 pm

Very useful info, helped me out a lot :D As well as the website Odedge.com :)

[Edit by Mrs.Oni: Pardon me, but I find it useful to have it all in one post. Much easier to search & find something than multiple posts.]
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Re: ...:: Map editing infos ::...

Post by SpecOps » Wed Feb 18, 2015 1:19 pm

For anyone mapping and having issues with portals not working vertically or horizontally across floors try this after placing portals :D http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/

THIS CAN BE USED AS FINAL BUILD OF MAP AS FINAL OPTIMIZATION The photo represents Build settings used for Mallcrasher which has 5 levels with around 15 rooms skymap and large outside area .

Lower the settings ( move BSP Sliders ) the more optimized map becomes and smoother for players

Select BUILD at top of UE2

Then Select Build Options and Build as Per Settings in below picture


Advanced Info

Setting Advantage / Disadvantage
Lame quick build times / can create unnecessary polys
Good decent build times, pretty accurate / not accurate enough for final build
Optimal automatically merges polys / longest build time

Understanding the Sliders

The slider bar allows the map builder to optimize the map for speed. It makes adjustments to the number of BSP cuts which affects performance and frame. Few maps are perfectly open or highly occluding, so the number of cuts must be determined per map.


creates a sparse BSP tree
quick to lookup the BSP tree which renders the scene
best on open areas where little occlusion occurs
disadvntage: may need to lookup more in the BSP tree when occluding areas are encountered


dense BSP tree
the BSP tree knows which items are drawn in front of the other ahead of time
Best used when many occluding surfaces
disadvantage: can overdraw areas when in non-occluding or open areas

The default of 15 cuts has been found best for most maps.


Crashes and Other Problems

General Crash Tips:

Save often. UnrealEd is finicky and not the stablest environment. You can set up autosave by opening the advanced options property editor in the view menu, and expanding the Editor\Advanced tab. The AutoSave and AutoSaveTime properties control level autosaving.
After UnrealEd crashes ensure you rebuild the level completely.
It has been suggested that quitting the editor before testing a level can add to the stability of UnrealEd
Use autosave to save your map periodically. Autosave information can be found here: UnrealEd Advanced Options.
There's some known issues with UnrealEd ..... The stability of the program is reduced the longer you run it (tarquin reports getting about 30 minutes out of it at a time). Symptoms of this problem are "critical errors", "runtime errors", or "illegal operations". The only way to fix this is to reboot and keep trying.

UnrealEd won't start, and instead gives an error dialog about 'MSVCP60.dll' missing

UnrealEd crashes when I try to start it
If you see WM_BROWSER_DOCK in the crash history, try going in Unrealed.ini and changing Docked=1 to Docked=0 under [Texture Browser], [Sound Browser], etc.

UnrealEd crashes when I try to build my map
This happens occasionaly, sometimes it is caused by something easily fixed and obviously wrong with BSP (like you made a surface antiportal when you needed a zone portal). If this is not the case, it can often be resolved by copying every actor and pasting it into a new file. Note that unrealEd offsets everything when you paste it, so you might want to correct this to keep everything on major gridlines. Also removing lights is known to help.

What if you change the build settings?

Rescue Operations

Actor Properties No Longer Open. F4, double click, or right click nothing opens actor properties anymore

First Aid

If the latest version of the map you saved is messed up, try the following:

If you had Autosave enabled, check your Maps folder for maps whose names start with Auto....
If you playtested your map from within UnrealEd recently, that version of your map is called Autoplay in your Maps folder.

Look at the folder in Details mode and sort by last modified date, that will put the last save right at the top and easy to find.

I can't select any surfaces (textures in the 3D view) and the right mouse click doesn't do anything

turning off anti-aliasing.
turning off anisotropic filtering.
pressing S. (this toggles visibility of the selection highlight: see Viewport Caption Context Menu for more.)

All the viewports are white when I start UnrealEd. How do I get them back?
That's an old bug. Do UnrealEd Main Menu -> View -> Viewports -> Configure -> OK to fix it.

UnrealEd shows up with a "window creation error" when I start it. What's wrong?
You have to restart your computer because system resources are too low (below 50%). To see how much system resources you have, right-click on My Computer and select Properties. On the performance tab, it will say how many system resources you have.

None of the resource browsers (actor browser, etc.) are accessible.
This appears to be generally caused by the browsers being located off the screen. To get them back onto the visible portion of the screen, open one of the browsers. The window focus will change to the window that you cannot see. Press ALT-SPACE, then M to select the move option from the mini menu that's a part of every window. (If you are using a non-english version, click the icon in the top left of any window to see the menu and the appropriate hotkey.) You can then use the keyboard arrows or the mouse to move the window until you can see it. When I had this problem, the window was located just off the right edge of the screen. Or, after clicking the button to open the browser, right click the task bar and select 'Cascade Windows' it will bring any off screen windows to fore.

My map suddenly takes a lot of time to load/light and moving this static mesh takes several minutes!
Normally this happens after you add a large (in dimensions or over ~20,000 triangles) static mesh into map. You might also notice that the SetDynStreams in the Hardware section of the STAT console command is several milliseconds. The solution is to either set bCollideActors property to false for this large static mesh or add a simplified collision shape. See Static Mesh Modeling for more or static mesh collision.

When I start unrealEd, the buttons in the toolbox window (the one on the left) are blank. they don't have icons. WTF?
This could be because you have misplaced or deleted your editorres folder located within the System folder of all Unreal games.

I got a black wall in my map, but there's a light in front. When I move light i can see the lighning but when i rebuild the wall became black
I'm not sure what causes this, but it can be fixed by moving the BSP a little bit in any direction.

How do I add packages to be loaded at startup?
This is useful if you want to have access to the actors your mod uses, or if you're always using the same resource packages. Add the line "EditPackages=MyPackageName" to the [Editor.EditorEngine] section of the game ini file (the exact section may change with some games – look for similar lines).

How can you determine what packages are used in a map? I have a map that's failing to load but I don't know what's causing the problem.

Use UT Package Tool to extract a list of used packages.
Examine View -> Log in UnrealEd and read the last log message - it will tell you what package couldn't load.

Can static meshes be used to create the boundaries of zones or must zones always be created with the zone portals touching BSP geometry rather than static meshes
Only brushes that aren't Volumes can be used for that.

When I close UnrealEd I see a dialog box message "Package # Has Changed, Save It Now?"
We think it's just a UnrealEd bug. Say "no" and don't worry about it.

I've changed a static mesh/sound/etc in my level, but when I next load/play the level, it contains an old version of the mesh/sound/etc
This problem may occur if your various static mesh, sound, etc packages have the same name (excluding the .usx, .uax etc extension) – see Package naming. Of course, you also may have forgotten to save your mesh/sound/etc packages after changing them.

When I load my level in the editor, it says it's missing a static mesh/sound/etc which I put in it last time I edited the level
Again, this may be a problem with packages having identical names (excluding extension) – see Package naming. Or again, you may have forgotten to save the relevant mesh/sound package after changing it.

Can I have dynamic day/night switching in my map?
Yes, but the Hell if I know how! :)

You could probably have a "sun" lightsource and a "moon" lightsource and a mover to blank out one or the other? DodgyJon.

My screen gets much brighter when UnrealEd starts
That is normal. UnrealEd uses the same gamma correction setting as the game itself. To change the level, look under UnrealEd Advanced Options. To start UnrealEd with no correction at all, make a shortcut with "UnrealEd.exe -nogamma".

What is the acceptable polycount in maps?
About 50,000?
How can I turn an 831K map into a 6Mb monster at the click of a button?
Simple – just re-build everything on the map. It seems to be the lightmaps that are responsible for most of the size increase although the bot path data has also been fingered as a contributing factor.

(Merge this one with the above) Is there anything I can do to keep my maps a reasonable size?
Apart from using nothing but static meshes and terrain no. Once you get above around 200-300 brushes (normal adds, subtracts etc) your map size will bloat for no obvious reasons.

How are static meshes lit?
What I know so far: for regular static meshes, the lighting is calculated per-vertex, and can be shadowed (per vertex) by BSP geometry. I assume, but have not confirmed, that this means the lighting is calculated at build time, and movers and other dynamically lit static meshes do not get this treatment.

When I make static meshes in UED they appear extremely bright. How can I darken them?
In the Display properties of the mesh, set bStaticLighting and bUseDynamicLights true.

While making a skybox, the textures are smeared, and no manipulation of the alignment seems to fix it. The picture is of a simple 1024 cube. What is the solution?

inline TextureProblem

This is caused by the textures you are using having their texture clamp mode set to TC_Clamp, rather than TC_Wrap (which is the more usual setting – see BitmapMaterial for more information). Basically, this means that they can't tile on surfaces larger than their dimensions. To fix this, the texture must be scaled to the exact size of the surface, and it must be aligned exactly to its edges (so for example if you have a cube of size 512, and a texture of 256, simply double it in the texture aligment properties, then make sure the texture is all aligned up properly). To do this, you can either experiment with the Texture Pan tool, or do the following:

In the Surface Properties Window, switch to the Surface Alignment tab, select "Face", then type in the correct scaling so the texture will fit the surface exactly (so if your brush is a 1024 cube, and the texture is also 1024, leave the scaling at 1)
Click "Align" to perform the alignment
Switch to the Pan/Rot/Scale tab.
Press the "1" button for each direction.

If that still doesn't fix it, look at the BSP cuts in Zone/Portal view. Clamping textures don't seem to cope well with cuts. If this problem is in your skybox, the move it away from the rest of the map to remove stray cuts.

I've tried to create a fluid object, i can see the surface from above the water, but when i go under the water, i can see straight through it and all the terrain around, how can i fix this??
Use a Shader or FinalBlend to make the texture two-sided.

When I get in the game, all I and my bots do is die. What's up?

You didn't rebuild map.
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Re: ...:: Map editing infos ::...

Post by HeavyMetal » Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:16 am

I have a question maybe someone can answer :) I'm wondering about the lighting glitches... Example: You play a map one day and all the lights are perfect... Randomly, you will play the same map on another day, and all the sudden some doors will be black, and or many lighting glitches are present. Not just on my maps I have noticed this on many maps. Just wondering if anyone knows how to fix it or if is just something we have to accept with the old engine... It's not really a big deal, but is kind of annoying and distracting :( I've always wondered what "Dither" in the build lighting options does. In recording music, you use "Dither" when downsampling from higher mastering khz to prevent audio artifacts when u bring it down to cd quality. Anyways, help me if you know how i can get rid of those black doors :D ty
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Re: ...:: Map editing infos ::...

Post by F25_Xanatos » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:14 am

I had a set of black doors on DEEP_ONES that fixed themselves on a final build; they also had an issue where they rotated oddly despite being placed correctly and duplicated throughout the map. I set the parameters of the doors correctly each time, but they warped on me. The editor does weird stuff like that and I often cannot fix it unless I have an old build to revert back to.

Also, check to make sure the doors are not sitting on zone portals and both sides have zone actors. Quite possibly the static meshes are receiving lightning from being placed in two zones at the same time. Usually, it is a missing zone lighting actor and the author of the map like I used to do for my first couple of maps did not know how to use them and instead went crazy with random light bulbs that sometimes backfired in that placing too many of them left "shadow spots" for a lack of a better term.


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Re: ...:: Map editing infos ::...

Post by HeavyMetal » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:47 am

Thx for your awesomely quick reply Xan :) I never knew about Zone"Lighting"Actor I will try that out :) My portals almost always work with little effort and i always check them in the editor and in the rmode2 i believe in game. Sometimes i set "StaticLighting" to false in DiplayProperties and it seems to heal the black doors. Until I play on the server they randomly return and I can see them again. Wow those doors you had where spazzing out there huh, wow make you wanna tear your hair out lmao :D And I usually only use one lightbulb per room unless i have flames etc. For some reason I just love doing the indoor maps not much for outdoor ones. But man do yours look great! Keep it up! RVS for life hehe P.S. just saw your awesome video today on youtube, the one featuring your maps. I was like cool! And was telling my dad how many times i've died on each of them! hehe fun fun! Another question, should a ZoneLightingActor be placed in each seperate zone or just once?
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Re: ...:: Map editing infos ::...

Post by F25_Xanatos » Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:20 am

ActorClasses -> Actor -> ZoneInfo.

Place that in each zone and set "ZoneLight -> ambient brightness" to something besides zero.

Spending some time today uploading my new maps to my website. I love outdoor maps, so much more you can do. You can have a limitless number of indoor areas; my biggest problem is that I have Morrowind/Skyrim size idea for a map and that would blow up the editor. I always think on too large of a level. Something like Bloodbath is too easy and boring for me these days. Sure, I can make small areas detailed, but I really want to do Apogalacticons all day.

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Re: ...:: Map editing infos ::...

Post by HeavyMetal » Fri Feb 20, 2015 1:19 pm

:) ty for telling me about the ambient lighting option within the ZoneInfo, that alone should prevent the doors from being black. I know what you mean on the scale, I like to keep it small and simple, mainly because I like the CQB aspect. Sniping seems kind of boring to me in this game for some reason. I've tried a few larger maps and I like the challenge, but I'll just leave that up to you seeing as how you have mastered it hehe :) I find as long as I have a good idea or Theme in mind, I never seem to get bored with the smaller areas. And of course it's much faster :D Since we all agree you rock the outdoors, I'll throw you an idea I've had. Vietnam style outdoor map, like hamburger hill, or a VC POW camp, thick lush jungles surrounding either. Just the idea of a thickly palmed jungle sounds really cool to me, kinda like ghost recon island thunder :D Thx for all your help Xanatos and hope to play your new maps soon legendary RVS mapper :mrgreen: Oh! And your awesome rain would fit right in :D Maybe U, Spec, and I could collab a lil on it, I'll start on it soon if your interested :idea:
  • Post by HeavyMetal » Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:47 pm
    HeavyMetal wrote:Ill look into doing the things you ask Oni, don't have as much time to tinker as i used 2 :( TY so much for being Oni :) your awesome :)

    Spec here are some tips for your editor woes.

    1. Never move or resize any windows in the editor, this causes essential options to disappear :(

    2. Memorize where certain options are so u don't have to expand/resize to read them.

    3. On larger indoor and outdoor maps always use Fog via ALL ZoneInfo properties, ZoneLight, also set ambient light from 9-30! (I set the light and fog i want on first ZoneInfo, then just copy :) You can also change the way light looks on the SMs by changing Hue and Saturation, Build to see effects!

    4. Always back up your map, never overwrite said backup until you have run the rsm within the game with no crashes for at least 10 mins.

    5. You can copy most things from the stock maps including R6InteractiveObject's, select what u desire to copy, right click, select Copy, now open your map and dont save said stock map, right click on your floor. select Paste Here, move the object up or down and it will appear, left click on your floor, save your map(now it wont disappear), now move said object into desired postion, Done!

    6. Save complicated brushes you have made for your map into SM package, by Ctrl-left clicking all desired brushes, right click and choose convert to SM, No spaces in filename ie RainbowSix_SM. Test within a new map, add said SM, Build, Save, Close Editor, reload test map in editor, see if any errors before deleting the brushes and replacing with new SM in said map, make sure the SM package sticks(saves a lot of headaches) lol

    7. Don't forget sounds via Map_SFX packages! Also! Don't forget stop sounds (Stops the sound u started playing) like lockpicking etc. Don't forget footstep sounds matching the texture package u used for yourmap, for both Rainbow and tangos via LevelInfo properties! Movement sounds and BodyFall sounds. Foley_NPC etc.

    8. Never give up! Start with the best theme you can think of and have fun!

    9. It is worth it! Think of it, how many mappers do we have now? Only five or six that i know of. Even if nobody likes the map, they still like to see something new trust me :) Even if they wont admit it lol Not all of mine are liked sometimes its fun to have a map everybody hates lol to be honest, makes me laugh sometimes when someone is hating on the map lol I say stuff like "what was the mapmaker on lol" stuff like that ehehehe

    10. Don't save your maps in the games folder, (I use Documents\NewMaps) no spaces in folder name! Copy from there to the games, maps folder to test.

    11. If the editor does bug, all you have to do is reinstall the game! Fixes everything! Make sure you copyd your .tpt .utx .sm and any other files your map requires! Reinsert required map files after reinstall and resume editing.

    12. Use a little more color with lights, use a faint yellow light for bulbs, white all the time just looks awful to me anyways :)

    13. Test your Coop spawns! Multiplayer, Create Coop Server, Load your map, Spawn into your map, Press ` tilde for console, type suicide as many times as you need to test all 8-16 however many spawns you have, remember, spawning is random so sometimes it may take awhile to spawn in all points! This also works with DM and TDM spawn nodes, just load an adver server instead :)

    14. When joining adjacent rooms the textures dont like to line up. (Pfffft easy!) Ctrl left click the two or however many floors you want aligned, right click and select surface menu (With the planning floor data etc) Click the tab that says Alignment, select Planar and click apply, use texture pan tool from there with both surfaces still selected to reposition to desired look :)

    15. Tree and shrub movement :) Make sure Joystick is on! Select desired SM, right click SM, navigate to properties, select Modifier, change False to True! Experiment with Frequency and XYZ options, set to taste :D Make sure animated geometry is enabled in your game options :)

    16. I always leave Joystick on when mapping... Don't know if that helps, I only turn it off to see portals when making them...

    17. Never try to make terrain! Load a stock map like Training, delete everything except ZoneInfo, Skybox elements (anything in Skybox leave till later) and Terrain Info and Sunlight. Build Map. Now select the terrain editor, use the flatten option to flatten your terrain. Rebuild and now you can start to shape the terrain how u want :)

    18. When working on outdoor maps, Press k to see the skybox... When loading to resume work in the editor, always enable your grid to 64 or so before moving anything! Especially the red builder brush, if you do move it and save, your brush is now breaking the grid :( reload backup...

    19. Being careful and with some luck (fingers crossed) Following these steps, I haven't had to reinstall for about 3-4 months now and have built 2 finished maps and edited stock Parade map. Options never disappeared and have had very little build crashes, maybe a few :)

    20. Don't stop man I'm begging you, just think Spec if you continue to tinker, youll be making awesome maps in no time. I would hate to miss out on seeing that! Think, even if your editor is unstable RVS only take like 30 mins to dl and install from Steam.

    21. I know it may seem like sometimes i don't help you. Thats because trial and error is the best way to learn. Continue to learn the quirks of the engine and once you learn what works and what dont in RVS UnrealEd. You can start pushing the limits of what is possible like Xanatos does :)
    Keep mapping dude cant wait to see more!

    22. Fodder!!! You should make a small map for old times sake, would be cool! You know like a couple day job, kinda a gag map like my HouseofHorrors :) Enjoy your maps man :)

    23. Xanatos!!! You rock man that's all i can say! Some of your maps look like you got carpel tunnel inflamed lol A lot of mouse work my friend nice! You milked that mouse like Bob Ross milking his brush ;) Got a chance to play Angband map on your server very nice work :) Looking forward to more!

    24. I can never give up on this editor or this game... It's just too damn cool what IS still possible :D Just take a break for awhile, that's what i do when i get bored with it :D And Spec you are a good guy and we appreciate what you have have contributed so far trust me :) Really was blown away by your elevators on AttackLevel map, i think im the only one who was working the elevators just fine ehehe Dont know if the keypad was invisible to some or what lol Loved it man!

    25. I gave up on SunsetCity for now too large and time consuming, but here is what I've been up 2 ehehe It's almost done, gotta finish meshing the upstairs, then pathnodes and finally T's Will support Thunt, CoopThunt, TeamDM, DM, and Lone Wolf!
    Introducing ColumbianVillaV1_0 only about a week or two from done :)

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Re: ...:: Map editing infos ::...

Post by SpecOps » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:25 pm

added some rescue and crash options hopefully fixed some errors

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Re: ...:: Map editing infos ::...

Post by SpecOps » Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:45 am

finally worked out Vertex editing and snaping to grid 16 or higher

Big thanks to Heavy and Xanatos mapping more cleaner now
new project.zip
working to a grid :D finally
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