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Post by WAPPA » Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:49 pm

Hi everybody

My name is WAPPA, i was part of MGS clan many years ago.
Lately i had the magnificent idea to buy ravenshield again on steam now.
I would love to give the game one more go.
My clanmates and I were very passionated Ravenshield gamers.
I was wondering if there are many more players around? But sadly i see there arent.
And thats why i'm looking around to find some old day gamers who maybe interested in playing a few rounds of Ravenshield in the near future.

I see there is someone called Oni in your family.... could it be the Oni i used to know???

I'm trying to get some more old MGS members to join me for some fun time , and maybe a few of you people will join us as well.

I will check this forum more often, see of any of you still alive



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Re: Hello

Post by MrJigglyPuff » Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:04 pm

Hi, If you mean the Oni from Germany, then yeah!
Welcome back to RvS and hope you enjoy your time spent with OS.

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Re: Hello

Post by MrsOni » Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:05 pm

Oh my godness!

*... gihihihi ...*

W A P P AAAaaa *screams all excited*

That 's so cool, welcome man!
When I'm playing I'm usually on our TS server, maybe you 'll be around too ...^.^... *dances'
But anyway, you & everyone I remember from MGS is of course welcome to join us here as well!
Damn, get it going man!

:mrgreen: Wie geil ist das denn!?! :mrgreen:

A couple of days ago I thought of asking some of my friends to re-install RVS again,
but they're some dirty 'gaming-hoes' riding the next-big-new-game they can,
so it's unlikely that they'll join us here.
Am just happy you're here ...^.^...
Took you long enough, ...-.-...

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